Jang Ki-ha and Materee grace the end of the year with a celebratory stage at the SBS Drama Awards

[마이데일리 = 오윤주 기자] Singer Jang Ki-ha and acapella group Materee will host a stage to celebrate the ‘SBS Drama Awards 2022’.

Jang Ki-ha and Matry are spectacularly decorating the ‘2022 SBS Drama Awards’, which will be broadcast on the 31st. Following the JYP and SBS new star actor collaboration celebration stage, which was released earlier, Jang Ki-ha and Maytree are more than ever prepared for the celebration stage, raising the fever of the award ceremony to the maximum.

Jang Ki-ha, who has the modifier ‘Guk-Hip One Top’ with popular songs that contain her own unique color and tone, decorates the end of the year through the ‘2022 SBS Drama Awards’ celebration stage. The song ‘I’m not envious’, which he released this year, became popular with his unique unyielding singing style, addictive melody, and unique conversational lyrics, and became the main character of ‘2022’ Topic Meme’. Expectations are raised for the stage that no one will be ‘jealous of’ and the unique performance for the new year, which he will perform among the winners of this year’s ‘SBS Drama Awards 2022’.

There is also a stage to celebrate the world famous a cappella group Maytree. Maitree is a 22-year veteran who swept international a cappella competitions, and is a group consisting of Jang Sang-in (vocal percussion), Kang Soo-kyung (alto), Kim Won-jong (bass), Kwon Young-hoon (tenor), and Lim Soo-yeon (soprano). They are also world-class YouTubers with 5 million subscribers, and are particularly famous as the protagonists of the ‘Squid Game’ OST a cappella video, which has surpassed 260 million views. In addition to this, they have a number of videos with over 10 million views and a fandom similar to some K-pop singers. At the 2022 SBS Drama Awards, Maitree will present a unique platform that recreates the signal sound and OST in the SBS drama in Maitree’s own way.

The ‘SBS Drama Awards 2022’ will be broadcast at 8:35pm on Saturday the 31st.

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Reporter Oh Yoon-ju

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