Jôc Fawr is preparing to issue an arrest warrant for “Du Hao” and released a police officer with the rank of Pol. Col. a luxury car.

Big Joke flies to close Pattaya case Check Chinese call center gang bill, deducting benefits – holding amputated finger, demanding 37 million ransom, ordering visa revoked, blacklisting, that he is not allowed to enter the country Prepare to issue an arrest warrant for Mr. Du Hao – a police officer with the rank of Pol. Col. after releasing a luxury car in between

Date 21 November 2022 in the room of the Provincial Police Station, Pattaya City After the press conference closed the finger cutting case ransom demanded Pol Gen spoke. Surachet Hakpal, the deputy police chief, also wanted to seize Club One in Pattaya. Not related to Mr. Du Hao But Mr. Du Hao It will include Top One Pub and Jin Ling Pub, who tomorrow will issue an arrest warrant for Du Hao’s case, and it will also include the issue of all the Chinese people and it will be about 8- 9 more arrest warrants are issued to prosecute crimes under the Act for conspiracy in the matter of narcotics As for the drug routes, Singaporeans who brought a drug called Happy Water have been taken into custody Investigators admitted that Is a producer but still hides the drug supply route

In addition, he must also be prepared to sue the police. Not lower than the rank of Colonel of the Police with the release of the middle car which is a luxury car Number of no less than 2 cars, ready to report the allegations next week, which the Chief Police Commander has emphasized if anyone commits a crime, whether it is an officer, he must be prosecuted honestly in order to answer society’s problems clearly


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