Jung Woo-sung proposes to a fan again.. Hang the dog tag necklace yourself ‘surprise’ (Hunt)

[OSEN=하수정 기자] The movie ‘Hunt’, which is well-received by the media and the audience, and is expected to be the most complete spy action drama in 2022, successfully completed its GV with critic Lee Dong-jin.

‘The Hunt’ (Director Jung-jae Lee, Distributor Megabox JoongAng Plus M, Produced by Artist Studios, Sanai Pictures, Inc.) is a ‘Korea’s No. 1 Assassination Operation A spy action drama that unfolds in the face of a huge incident called ‘. ‘Hunt’, which received enthusiastic responses from the media immediately after the media distribution preview and announced the birth of the most complete spy action drama in 2022, completed a GV attended by director Lee Jung-jae and Jung Woo-sung at the Lotte Cinema World Tower in Seoul on the afternoon of the 29th of last month, hosted by critic Lee Dong-jin. did. In particular, this GV proved to be hot even before the screening as all seats were quickly sold out in 15 minutes as soon as reservations were opened.

Prior to the full-scale commentary at the GV on that day, critic Lee Dong-jin said, “I think this movie is the movie you’ve been waiting for for a long time just because director Lee Jung-jae and Jung Woo-sung are together. First of all, there are so many things I want to ask the two of you, so after asking them at the beginning, I will give you a microphone and give you time to ask questions directly.”

Regarding director Lee Jung-jae, who worked hard on the screenplay for four years and directed the film himself, he praised, saying, “After watching the movie, when I think about it, it’s a great scenario that fits well why the characters act like that every moment.”

Critic Lee Dong-jin also praised the thrilling action of ‘The Hunt’. ‘Hunt’ is a collection of various actions, from large-scale gunfights to car chasing across the city, and bare body fighting of characters who rush with their beliefs.

In response, critic Lee Dong-jin said, “The thrill and power necessary for the espionage genre is vividly alive in the 1980s in Korea. It’s a scene that I’ve rarely seen in Korean movies.”

Also, critic Lee Dong-jin said, “After watching ‘The Hunt’, the actors’ performances really catch my eye. The action scenes themselves are very cool and cool, and the actors also give great performances.”

Meanwhile, on this day, the audience left a variety of questions about the meaning of the beliefs of the characters in the movie and the action behind the scenes that give thrilling catharsis.

In particular, Jung Woo-sung showed a surprise fan service by hanging the dog tag necklace he was wearing to the audience who asked the last question. Lastly, director Lee Jung-jae said, “I am happy to meet you all, but I am very nervous. If you enjoyed the movie, I hope you will spread word of mouth around it as well.” Jung Woo-sung concluded the GV by saying, “I sincerely thank you for taking the time to be with us with interest and love.”

The movie ‘Hunt’, which successfully wrapped up a GV with critic Lee Dong-jin, amid numerous favorable reviews and praises as the most perfect espionage action this year, will be released on the 10th.

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