Kim Seon Ho pleases Thai fans, opens second round of fan meetings after first round of tickets are completely sold out

In addition, fans who missed the ticket order also sent a message claiming that he wants to organize a second round This event is the agency SALT ENTERTAINMENT. and the organizer of the company 247 ENTERTAINMENT Definitely, without delay, organize the second round according to the request of the pupils who love Kim Seon Ho to be happy immediately!!

by opening to book tickets for KIM SEON HO ASIA TOUR IN BANGKOK < ONE, TWO, THREE. SMILE > The second round on Thursday, December 1, 2022 at 4:00 pm through the ALL TICKET channel, either in front of the counter or the website. WWW.ALLTICKET.COM/ Ticket prices are 6,500/ 5,500/ 4,500/ 3,500/ 2,500 baht.. More details can be found at 247 ENTERTAINMENT.

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