Kim Young-chan “Lee Ye-rim and Lee Kyung-gyu dated even though they knew they were daughters”… Lee Kyung-gyu “It’s nice to meet good people”

Channel A ‘Urban Fisherman 3’ broadcast screen capture © News 1

Lee Kyung-gyu’s spare son-in-law, soccer player Kim Young-chan, appeared in ‘Urban Fisherman 3’ and revealed his love story with Lee Ye-rim.

In Channel A’s ‘Only Trust Me, Follow Me, Urban Fisherman Season 3’ (hereinafter referred to as ‘Urban Fisherman 3’), which was broadcast on the afternoon of the 2nd, Kim Young-chan appeared as a guest and was depicted fishing long-tailed bengae in Chagwido, Jeju.

On this day, Lee Su-geun said, “I went fishing with my father-in-law on the air with my father-in-law” to Kim Young-chan’s appearance on this day, and Kim Young-chan said, “I came out trusting only my father rather than burden,” and showed his trust in Lee Kyung-gyu.

Lee Kyung-gyu also mentioned the wedding of his daughters Ye-rim Lee and Young-chan Kim. He said, “Boom saw the MC on Yerim’s 8th birthday,” he said. “That’s why the wedding MC called Boom.” He continued, “The congratulatory song is sung by KCM, Jo Jung-rin, and Park Gun.”

Meanwhile, Lee Su-geun said that the wedding of Kim Young-chan and Lee Ye-rim overlapped with the recording of ‘Urban Fisherman 3’. Producer Jang Si-won said, “I’m going to start filming as soon as the wedding is over,” causing laughter.

After fishing, Lee Su-geun asked Kim Young-chan to unravel the love story with Lee Ye-rim, “How did you get to your first meeting?” To this, Kim Young-chan said, “We met through introduction.” “It wasn’t a blind date, but at a place where all my friends gathered.”

Lee Soo-geun said to Kim Young-chan, “Did you know that your father was Lee Kyung-gyu senior?” and Kim Young-chan said, “I knew it from the beginning.” In response, Lee Su-geun joked, “I knew you were still dating?”

Afterwards, Lee Kyung-gyu drew attention by saying, “It feels good to meet a good person” about the marriage of Lee Ye-rim and Kim Young-chan.

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