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kneeling elderly woman Unknowingly seized house, found name – surname, like someone who borrows money and doesn’t pay – fresh news

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The old woman collapsed on her knees. Got a warrant for seizure of the house, didn’t know, checked, found the name-surname, like someone who borrowed money and didn’t pay. beg for justice

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On November 23, 64, the reporter reported that Mrs. Samlee Thongdee, 73 years old, handicapped old woman, villager in M.1 Ban Sa Phang, Sa Phang Subdistrict, Ban Thaen District, Chaiyaphum Province, has been issued a warrant-documentation-land title deed Come to show yourself as the owner of a new house – land. After buying from an auction from The house was seized on the land for sale by the Legal Execution Department. As a result, the family of seven elderly grandmothers will have to move out before the end of this year. which creates anxiety and wonders what happened. Or that there may be information verification or seizure of the wrong person. The house was owned by Mr Singh Thongdee (deceased), who was married to Mrs. Samlee.

Subsequently, Mr. Pradit Pongsrapang, the sub-district governor of Sa Phang Ban Thaen District Traveled to listen and explain the incident. Initially, Mrs. Samlee and her family came to ask for justice with the Kamnan – Damrongtham Center. And notified the journal to the Ban Taen police station, confirming that the story that has been created as a shock to the family to the extent that the family does not eat and sleep and confused about this event

From the examination of documents and information, it was found that a person named Another Mrs. Samlee Thongdee, about 60 years old. But there is a copy of the house registration at Village No. 2, Ban Nong Phai, Sa Phang Subdistrict, Ban Thaen District, Chaiyaphum Province. Mr. Thanom Thongdee, in 2006, borrowed money from a capitalist at Khon San 40,000 baht for sugarcane farming before repaying the debt of 10,000 baht and then not using the debt again and has moved to work in other provinces for more than 20 years

Mrs. Samlee, 73 years old, said: On Nov 19, a group of people holding a warrant walked in. Informed that he had bought this house already. want to move out within this December He and his 7 children have lived in this house since birth. because it is the home of the family for almost a hundred years and confirmed that he had never taken the title deed or the said house to apply for a loan or a mortgage with anyone But there was a person showing up. They also cited documents, documents, land foreclosure certificates that have been auctioned properly to seize the house. He was helpless and the whole family was shocked. Therefore, he informed the sub-district chief to help inspect it. and jointly consider the documents

From the examination, it was found that on page 1 of the document it was stated that there was a loan agreement between the plaintiffs who filed a lawsuit.Husband and wife (Thanom-Salee Thongdee) who used to have problems with the loan since 2003 and did not have compensation, so the court has filed until the matter reaches the Legal Execution Department Title deed number 15139 Owned by Mr. Thanom and Mrs. Samlee Thongdee

“Confirm that it is definitely a different person from the one in the subpoena that is being sued. From the examination, it was found that those who were sued against their grandmothers Have a first and last name that match but in each village The grandmother lives in Village No. 1, Tambon Saphang, but the person who has been sued for confiscation lives at Village No. 2, Tambon Sa Phang, the next village.”

Therefore, there is a question that the legal government agencies Why is there such an error? He was also worried that he would be able to bring the land that belonged to the family tree. who used to live, can they live back or not Therefore, I would like to request the relevant agencies Helping to act properly and to be fair to them as well.

side Mr. Chakphon Phongsa, headman of Village No. 2, Sa Phang Subdistrict, said: From the examination, it was found that Mrs. Samlee Thongdee was real and confirmed that she was her child. has actually existed Along with Mr. Thanom Thongdee, who used to be a villager here but has been working in other provinces for many years. They will only return once a year or twice a year. by visiting relatives in nearby villages But we never talked often.

While Mr. Pradit, the sub-district kamnan, Saphang took Grandma and family along File the petition at the Phu Khieo Provincial Court. Legal Execution Office Chaiyaphum Province Phu Khiao Branch Damrongtham Center, Ban Thaen District Prosecutor’s Office In conclusion, the trading of such areas shall be suspended. because there were people who complained for fairness and will make a letter to invite lawyers Which made a document to file a lawsuit to the court and the Legal Execution Department seized the said property to negotiate for the initial responsibility.

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