‘Korea’s No. 1 vertical extension pile construction method’ Daechi 1st Hyundai … Remodeling the ‘elasticity’ of the industry

‘Daechi 1st Hyundai’ in Daechi-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, which promotes remodeling, is going to expand vertically. It is the first of flats built with the ‘pile construction method’ based on piles. This technology is difficult, so there have been complexes that have been promoting projects, but they have not been successful. However, with the approval of this project, it is analyzed that vertical extension remodeling will become operational even among old apartments in the Gangnam area where rebuilding is impossible.

According to the maintenance industry on the 28th, Gangnam-gu approved the vertical extension business plan submitted by the 1st Hyundai Daechi Apartment Remodeling Association in Daechi-dong on the 27th. This is the first time in the industry that a vertical extension remodeling business plan built using the pile construction method has been approved.

Expected appearance after completion of Daechi 1st Hyundai Apartment, which is being remodeled by Hyundai Development Company / Chosun DB

Remodeling is divided into horizontal extension and vertical extension. Horizontal extension is possible with a safety diagnosis of grade C or higher, but grade B or higher is required for vertical extension. This is because the technical difficulty is high. Adding a few more floors through a vertical extension can increase the load on an existing building. Therefore, safety must be considered.

Remodeling a vertical extension was legally permitted in 2014, but Seongji Apartment (Jamsil The Shop Leuven) in Songpa-gu is the only place that has passed the safety review so far. However, as this complex was built on solid bedrock, vertical expansion was relatively easy. As the bedrock was right below, it was not possible to use the pile method of distributing the load by driving stakes into the ground, so a ‘mat method’ was used to place concrete. If this method is used, it is much stronger than the stack construction method.

According to the industry, more than 95% of apartments in Korea are built using the pile construction method. Starting with Daechi 1st Hyundai, the vertical extension remodeling project is expected to accelerate.

In a phone call with Chosun Biz, Kim Chi-bung, head of Daechi 1st Hyundai Apartment Association, said, “If you look at the reason for reaching the safety review standards, it’s because you created your own information technically. .” Comprehensively, we responded closely, and worked with the construction company to efficiently meet the review standards set by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport and our own manuals.”

The industry’s position towards vertical extension remodeling has also changed. The head of an apartment remodeling association in Seoul said, “There is an atmosphere among the associations that ‘we can do it too’. Maybe it will turn around,” he said.

The contractor for Daechi 1st Hyundai is HDC Hyundai Development Company. Regarding the approval of the business plan, Hyundai Development Company explained, “In order to raise the three floors above, we installed reinforcement piles up to the underground bedrock to distribute the load.” Daechi 1st Hyundai was completed in 1990 with 120 apartments with 1 basement floor and 15 floors above ground. start construction next year