Koyote’s Baekga Reveals Former Manager’s Betrayal and Disappearance with His Car

Baek Ga of Koyote Describes Former Manager’s Betrayal

By Seunghoon Lee | August 26, 2023 | 16:54

Koyote’s Baek Ga made shocking revelations about his former manager’s misconduct during his appearance as a special DJ on SBS Power FM’s ‘Cultwo Show’ on August 25th.

During the show, Baek Ga shared a story about a man who gifted his ex-girlfriend a car with insurance under his name. However, after their breakup, he was unable to reach her and feared she might consider him insignificant. Hearing this, Baek Ga admitted that he had experienced a similar situation with his former manager, who disappeared with his car.

Baek Ga stated, “I had given my former manager a car registered in my name, but one day, this friend decided to vanish along with my car.” He further added, “When I tried contacting the former manager, his mother informed me that she couldn’t get in touch with him either, and I should do whatever I wanted.”

A few months later, Baek Ga discovered the car parked somewhere with an accumulation of fines, particularly for parking in the disabled area. Despite his attempts to contact the unresponsive former manager, Baek Ga ended up paying all the fines. Frustrated by his inability to catch the manager or report him, Baek Ga shared his distress during the show.

Offering support and comfort, Kim Tae-gyun empathized with Baek Ga, stating, “Baek Ga is such a kind-hearted person. Let’s leave him alone.”

On the music front, Koyote, the mixed group Baek Ga is a part of, recently released their new song ‘Wind’ on the 12th of last month to commemorate their 25th debut anniversary. Moreover, on the 27th of the same month, they held a special event, ‘Summer Night Koyote & Park Myung-soo,’ at the Gyeongju Arts Center to connect with their fans.

Apart from their music activities, Koyote actively participates in various entertainment programs, including KBS 2TV’s ‘The boss’s ears are asyn clustiau’ and MBN’s ‘Shocking Night.’

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Reporter Seunghoon Lee | 2023.08.26 16:54

Koyote Ga (Baek Seong-hyun) / Photo = Reporter Kim Chang-hyun chmt@Koyote Baekga confessed to the former manager’s bad deeds.

Baek Ga appeared as a special DJ on SBS Power FM’s ‘Cultwo Show’ (hereafter referred to as ‘Cultwo Show’), which aired on the 25th.

On the ‘Cultwo Show’ today, the story of a man who gave his ex-girlfriend a car with insurance in his name as a gift, but after they broke up, couldn’t contact her for fear of hearing that he was “too. small”.

Baekga, who heard this, admitted that he had gone through something similar. That the former manager disappeared with the car. Baekga said, “I gave my former manager a car in my name, but this friend said he was giving up one day and took my car.” “I called the former manager’s house, and my mother said, ‘Do whatever you want. . . I can’t contact you either'” she said

Next, Baekga said, “A few months later, the car was in the parking lot, and then fines started coming in. In particular, the fines for parking in the disabled area were big, but they came up a lot. The first The manager didn’t even answer the phone, so I paid all the fines. I still can’t catch him. I can’t report him,” he said. Kim Tae-gyun comforted Baek-ga, saying, “Baek-ga is so nice. Leave Baek-ga alone.”

Koyote, a mixed group that Baekga belongs to, released a new song ‘Wind’ on the 12th of last month to mark the 25th anniversary of their debut. Also on the 27th of the same month, ‘Summer Night Koyote & Park Myung-soo’ was held at the Gyeongju Arts Center to communicate with fans.

Koyote currently appears in various entertainment programs such as ‘The boss’s ears are asyn clustiau’ by KBS 2TV and ‘Shocking Night’ by MBN.

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