Kuwait: A police officer who used drugs while on duty was arrested in Kuwait

Kuwait: Police officer arrested for using drugs while on duty. The arrest was made by a police officer from the Hawalli Governorate in Kuwait. It is also reported that drugs and other equipment were found in his hand. Station officials suspected that he had been taking regular vacations recently and that he looked tired.

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Furthermore, the officer who arrived at the workplace showed signs of drug use. The drugs were then found during the check carried out by the colleagues. Later, the accused and the items seized from him have been handed over to the Anti-Narcotics Unit. Local media reported that 144 people died of drug overdoses in Kuwait last year.

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UAE: Huge drug bust in UAE; 6 people were arrested for being in possession of drugs

Huge drug bust in Abu Dhabi. Police seized 107 kilograms of hashish and crystal methamphetamine. Brigadier Tahir Gharib Al Dahiri, head of the Anti-Narcotics Department, said the Abu Dhabi Police arrested six people in possession of narcotics. Arrested of Arab Asian origin.

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Drug trafficking was stopped through a special campaign called Secret Hidings. The accused was hiding the drugs in different places. Moreover, the accused were caught red-handed while concealing drugs. Further details of the drug bust are unclear. Last March, 1.5 tons of heroin worth 150 million dirhams were also seized.

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