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“Kwang the Face” ignores the drama to steal a friend’s boyfriend, opens the status of “Hiso House” as a fan – INN News

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Thai entertainment

November 24, 2021 – 15:41

Call it a debut trip that has it all. For actresses, models, “Kwang the Face” or “Kwang Wanpiya” and “Hi-So House” after swinging together to suite to Europe and have a sweet picture showing off to the netizens without having to follow, zoom in. Recently, I had a chance to meet a deer girl. So I didn’t miss the mic to ask.

“Europe trip It’s not a trip to launch a high-so house. we live a normal life It didn’t close but it didn’t open. I admit that I’m a fan Before, most people didn’t know that we were dating. Personally, love for deer is quite personal. But coming to this point, I answered for peace of mind. As for the drama, people see it as stealing from a friend’s boyfriend. Well, for the deer, it is useless to explain to people who are prejudiced against us. which now just live a good life and be happy Because in the end, I can’t explain to everyone to understand everything. Because it’s our personal matter. who chose to be quiet because he didn’t want it to be too strong and respect all parties By not coming out to speak better which on the male side encouraged us Confirm that talking to Hi-So House is not a time to overlap that “ruby” The Face” and definitely not dating. on the ruby ​​side didn’t talk In fact, we are just acquaintances, not close.”

“The drama of the Eiffel Tower filming set is that dress borrowed from a friend It’s a wink theme. I didn’t think there would be drama. Because everyone there naked (smiles) will say that we don’t wear that on the streets. we have a cloak On the other hand, people comment that because we make foreigners look bad at Thai people. For deer see it as a personal right. Every woman has the right to dress anything. The deer likes this, so they dress like this. we wear it and be happy If you don’t like someone, you have to apologize. But most importantly, the deer wears it and is happy. That’s all. On the high-so-house side, he said that he would change because he was worried about us. Which we did not answer because like this love was not expected. let loose He’s a man who takes good care of him. Please continue to take good care of yourself like this.”

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