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Lange futures report: thread futures rise and fall, market turnover has risen

Final overview of black commodity futures: On September 22, the main thread 2301 closed at 3765, up 109 points, or 2.98%, and positions decreased 6,100 lots;hot rollThe main force closed 2301 at 3809, up 112 points, or 3.03%, and lightening 17,700 lots;iron oreShizhuli 2301 closed at 718.0, up 22.5 points, or 3.24%, and Masukura 19,200 lots;cokeThe main force 2301 closed at 2741.05, up 49.5 points, or 1.84%, with Masukura of 1,200 lots.

[Comisiwn Datblygu a Diwygio: Hyrwyddo trawsnewid arbed ynni a lleihau carbon mewn diwydiannau allweddol sy’n defnyddio ynni fel haearn a dur, metelau anfferrus, petrocemegol, cemegau, a deunyddiau adeiladu]Liu Dechun, director of the Department of Resource Conservation and Environmental Protection of the National Development and Reform Commission, said at a press conference on the morning of the 22nd that the key areas and energy-saving renovation Industry. Support energy saving and carbon reduction transformation of coal power units, heating supply transformation and flexibility transformation. Benchmarking a higher level of energy efficiency, and promoting energy saving and carbon reduction transformation in key energy consuming industries such as iron and steel, non-ferrous metals, petrochemicals, chemicals, and building materials. Accelerating the energy-saving renovation of residential buildings and public buildings, and continuing to promote the energy-saving and carbon-reducing renovation of old heating pipe networks and other infrastructure.

According to Lange Steel statistics, on September 22, 12 building materials traders in Hangzhou shipped a total of 27,200 tons, an increase of 7,650 tons compared with the previous trading day, and demand was good. 11 building materials traders in Shanghai shipped a total of 31,300 tonnes, an increase of 12,640 tonnes from the previous trading day, and demand was good. In the Guangzhou market, the price of Shaogang dropped 20 yuan. Currently, the mainstream prices of first-line resources are: 4,200-4,220 yuan in Shaoxiang and Guangdong, 4,170-4,200 yuan in Liugang and Wangang, and 4,150-4,160 yuan in Hegang Xilin. Based on the above analysis, market conditions or prices are expected to rise in the next trading day.

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