Remove the DRM connection and check out the Xbox Series X to play old games more easily

In the past, Xbox Series X console users had to play Xbox One disc games, and they needed to perform a DRM connection check every time they started the game, which was inconvenient for some players who could not connect to the Internet . This arrangement seems to have been secretly canceled earlier, and Microsoft has officially confirmed that the Xbox Series X console will no longer need to verify the connection to play Xbox One disc games.

Eden Marie, head of Xbox engineering, confirmed that the check has been raised since the 2206 system update, explaining that data has been collected since the launch of the X/S Series console in 2020, and the team believes that the vast majority of Xbox One disc games are no longer available. Wiring compatibility needs to be checked. However, Mies emphasized that some Xbox One games still require a connection after installation, as updates are required to ensure the best possible gaming experience.

Although the small changes to the Xbox this time have been welcomed by players, there are still players who hope that the connected arrangements can go further, and the original Xbox game discs and games do not need to downloaded via Game Pass passed the connection check. The above check does not exist for Xbox Series S, because the console does not support disc installation, and all games must be downloaded through official channels approved by Microsoft.

Data and image source: eurogamer Mewe page:

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