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Lange futures afternoon report: futures fluctuate within a narrow range and the spot is weak and stable

On the 30th, the 2301 thread futures opened at 3750 and closed at 3758, with a maximum of 3765 and a minimum of 3735, a decrease of 18 or 0.48%;Hot rolling2301 open 3870 close 3869 highest 3882 lowest 3846 fell 5 or 0.13%;iron oreStone 2301 opened at 770 and closed at 768 at noon, the high at 773 and the low at 765, down 3.5 or 0.45%; raw materialscoke2301 opened at 2848 and closed at 2844, the high at 2874.5 and the low at 2834.5, down 4 or 0.14%;

Regarding spot goods: the price of the domestic market today is weak and stable, specifically

Beijing Market:RebarThe price is 3700 yuan, fixed;

Hangzhou Market: rebar price is 3810 yuan; up 10 yuan;

Xi’an Market: the price of rebar is 3850 yuan, an increase of 10 yuan;

Wuhan Market: rebar price is 3860 yuan, down 10 yuan;

Chengdu Market: The price of rebar is 4,000 yuan, fixed.

According to Lange Iron and Steel Network monitoring, as of press time, the average price of 25mm third-grade rebar in the top ten major cities in the country is 3,844 yuan, a decrease of 2 yuan from the previous trading day.

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