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Productive AI like ChatGPT is very useful to improve work efficiency. Now every big company is thinking about introducing ChatGPT, and Samsung is naturally the same.However, there are still many problems to be solved when using ChatGPT for work, and Samsung has just used it for less than 20 days, that is, the leak of chip secrets happened.

According to Korean media reports, Samsung introduced ChatGPT less than 20 days ago, and recently revealed an accidental leak of confidential information, related to measurement data of semiconductor equipment, product yield, etc., stored in the database ChatGPT.

A total of 3 incidents related to ChatGPT, 2 related to semiconductor equipment, and 1 related to meeting content.

In the case of chip equipment design, employees of Samsung Semiconductor Business and Device Solutions (Device Solutions) found a problem with copying during the process of operating semiconductor test equipment to download software, that is, they copied the problematic code to ChatGPT to find the answer This makes it possible for ChatGPT to use Samsung’s confidential information as training data.

Another incident also occurred in the DS department, which was also trying ChatGPT to optimize the code, but this code is related to the chip product. The third case is letting ChatGPT record the meeting content Although it is not technically a secret, it can also result in the meeting content being leaked.

It was only on March 11 that the Samsung DS division allowed employees to use ChatGPT. In less than 20 days, there were three accidents. The policy is expected to be modified in the future. This also reminds other companies that ChatGPT is very convenient, but the standard of use is still necessary.

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