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Lionel Messi has always been a hot spot for the World Cup. Many nights I walked with wet eyes and bowed my face. Messi in Qatar is a fortune seeker looking for treasure in an Arabic story. Not only, there are soldiers left and right. There is also a barrage of confidence like never before. The first point is with Saudi Arabia. Messi’s Argentina take to the field today for a promising start to a big match. Kalamtheli will start at 3.30 pm Indian time.

Although it is a little late, Messi and his team have achieved what they wanted. Messi won his first international title at last year’s Copa America. That collection still doesn’t have a world title. Messi’s playing career will only be complete if he has that shine. Messi himself has made it clear that he will no longer be on the World Cup stage.

The 35-year-old has come a long way since the emotional moment when he announced his retirement after losing the Copa America 2016 final. He changed his decision to retire and returned to the field scoring another 36 goals in 53 games. He became an unsung hero. Kopa beat Brazil to become champions. Defeating the European champions, Italy.

In 2018, coach Lionel Scaloni made Argentina’s team, which lost to France in the pre-quarters, a group of people who don’t want to lose. He had completed 36 games unbeaten. Just one short of the Italian record. Scaloni has prepared a space for Messi, the captain, to roam freely in the Argentine team where the youth team has gathered. Along with Messi, his friend Angel Di Maria is also moving. And a young Lautaro Martinez. The withdrawal of Giovanni Lo Celso in midfield is a hindrance. Rodrigo De Paul, Papu Gomes and Leandro Parades. The defense is guarded by Christian Romero, Nicolas Otamendi and Lisandro Martinez. Emiliano Martinez is in front of the net.
The descendants of the Saudis who performed a miracle in 1994 are known for their resistance. Powerhouses in the Asian region. Salman Al Faraj is the main star in the middle order.

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