Let’s have fun!! 2 girls “BOL4” send clips to invite Thai loBoly fans (with clips)

“Bol Palkan Four” (Bolbbalgan4), also known as “Pulkan Puberty” or “Red Cheek Puberty”) is a duo artist from South Korea. Members consist of “An Ji Young” and “Yoo Ji Yoon” Recently, they opened a surprise promotion to spread happiness. By short-cutting the queue to fly directly to the country for the first time …

There are only a few days left for the two girls, duo duo “Bolbbagan4”, to have fun with their cuteness. With beautiful songs from 2 girls at the first big concert in Thailand “2019 BOL4 Asia Tour in Bangkok” on July 13, 2019 at Moonstar Studio8

The two girls “An Ji Young” and “Yu Ji Yoon” sent a clip to the Thai fans loBoly (Lolly) saying, “It’s the first time that there will be a big concert in Thailand. I’m so excited Now I have prepared a beautiful song Both new and old will definitely come to the fans. I want everyone to prepare to sing together and create a lot of good memories. Let’s meet at the concert.”

Who doesn’t have a card? Hurry up to buy now. (now zone B tickets are left at a price of 2,300 baht) Get ready to enjoy beautiful music. Along with full production in “2019 BOL4 Asia Tour in Bangkok” on July 13, 2019 at Moonstar Studio8, let’s go to the two girls a lot.

watch clip




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