‘Lim Chang-jung’s 18-year-old wife’ Seo Ha-yan, who said she weighs 83 kg… “Jump rope to eat 500 buns”

Photo = Seo Haan’s Instagram Snap

Singer and actress Lim Chang-jung, Seo Ha-yan’s wife, has revealed her thorough body care routine.

On the 25th, Seo Ha-yan posted on Instagram, “The wind and the air are so refreshing. Morning jump rope to wake up before going to work!! Really, 500 bucks to eat bread in coffee. Oh sweet !! Have a good weekend,” along with a photo and video.

In the published photos and video, Seo Ha-yan is jumping rope in a storm on one side of the playground. In particular, Seo Ha-yan drew admiration by revealing how she jumped rope without tiring.

Previously, on April 22, SBS ‘Same Bed, Different Dreams 2-You Are My Destiny’ appeared, “I was pregnant and my husband and I were sick. When I was pregnant, I gained up to 83 kg, and I was eating six meals a day.”

Meanwhile, Lim Chang-jung remarried in 2017 to yoga instructor Seo Ha-yan, who is 18 years younger than her, and they have 5 sons. Also, she is currently appearing in SBS ‘Same Bed, Different Dreams 2-You Are My Destiny’.

Kang Min-sun, online news reporter mingtung@segye.com

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