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Lin Yoona, who starred in the movie “Miracle: Letters to the President”, has many reasons to love it_TOM Entertainment

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Entertainment China News On September 10, Yoona Lin (Girls’ Generation member Yoona) once again caught the attention of the audience in front of the screen.

Yoona Lin played the activist “Song Luoxi” in the movie “Miracle: Letters to the President” released on the 15th of this month. The movie “Miracle: Letters to the President” tells the story of a place where there is a train, but there is no real train. In the village where the station is located, the only life goal of the teenagers and neighbors is to build a simple station. Lin Yuna has received double recognition for her acting skills and box office through films such as “Confidential Assignment” and “EXIT”. The third film brought this time has attracted more attention. Especially in this work, Yoona Lin’s lovely interpretation of the straightforward “Song Rahee” has been well received since he made the film public at the media release preview. Lin Yoona enriches the content of the movie with her unique three perfect digestive abilities.

“Fenghua” dialect highly praised by co-actor Sung-min Lee

The movie “Miracle: Letters to the President” is set in Bonghwa, Gyeongsangbuk-do, South Korea. It is also the first dialect acting challenge brought by Lin Yuna after his debut. It is worth mentioning that the accent of the Bonghua dialect in Gyeongsangbuk-do, South Korea is different from the Gyeongsang-do dialect exposed by the general media, and has a rather blunt accent. Lin Yuner not only studied the performance of the champion of the dialect competition, after recording the script, he recited it like singing, and consulted verbatim with the dialect teacher on the scene. After hard work, Lin Yuna naturally expressed the accent of the Bonghwa region of North Gyeongsang Province in South Korea. Sung-min Lee, a co-actor with his hometown of Fenghua, said about Lin Yoona’s dialect acting skills: “This is my maternal and fetal dialect. The dialect of my hometown is difficult for the audience to hear. The accents and words are different, but the dialect played by Lin Yoona But it is very good.” Bringing strong praise, Lin Yuner’s natural and stable dialect acting skills have brought a more positive impact on the audience’s involvement in the plot.

Straightforward character without hesitation

“Song Ra-hee” played by Lin Yoona is a character who discovers the extraordinary talent of “Jun Kyung” (transliteration) and takes the lead in realizing his dream. “Song Luoxi” is based on his curiosity about “Junjing” and walks straight ahead without any scruples, leading him forward. Especially, the presence of “Luo Xi” created by Lin Yoona shines in the early stage of the play. Although Junjing is a genius in the field of mathematics, his clumsiness and cuteness in other aspects also brought laughter to the audience, portrayed a green romantic story, and added vitality to the plot. From the slippery sister-in-law in “Confidential Assignment” to the courageous assistant store manager in “EXIT” and the trainee reporter in the TV series “HUSH”. If the audience loves Lin Yoona’s recent works, they will definitely be attracted by her positive energy “Song Luoxi” again.

The retro image is perfectly digested

Lin Yoona, who has been receiving attention for her perfect beauty, also shines in this movie. In the background of this work in the 1980s, Lin Yoona chose red, blue, yellow and other high-color primary colors, and featured large bow hairpins, wide hairbands, and polka dot patterns. Lin Yuner vividly interpreted the costumes from the 1980s, evoking the audience’s memory of “first love”. On the basis of acting skills, costumes and hairstyles also proved Lin Yoona’s efforts to complete “Song Luoxi”. The clothes Lin Yoona chose show the atmosphere of the 1980s when she went to high school in casual clothes instead of school uniforms. It is fully integrated into the work and fully reflects the overall atmosphere in the play. Yoona Lin will bring sentiment and homesickness to audiences who remember that period. For the current generation, it will set off a retro craze and become a topic.



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