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June 4th is approaching, and some people are advocating mourning. I think it should be more reflection.

The events that took place in China in 1989 were triggered by the so-called “Su Dongbo” incident in Eastern Europe. In the end, the Iron Curtain in Eastern Europe disintegrated and the Soviet Union changed its color. In those days, a large number of republics that split from the Soviet Union, as well as satellite countries in Eastern Europe, changed overnight. In addition to the political practice of the Western democratic system, the economy also implemented “shock therapy”, which immediately turned into a Western-style market economy.

Thirty-three years later, which Soviet republic or Eastern European country has become a powerful country? On the contrary, China sticks to its own path and is now the second largest economy in the world.

The situation in Ukraine is particularly sad, now a state is not a state. When she was one of the republics of the Soviet Union, she was very beautiful. In particular, the three pearls of the military industry are even more enviable, and now they can only sigh.

1. Motor Sich Aero Engine Factory.

On May 25, the Russian Ministry of Defense announced that the Russian military used long-range air-based and sea-based high-precision missiles to destroy the production workshop of the Motor Sich Aero-Engine Factory in Zaporozhye.

The Motor Sich Factory, known as the “Power Tsar”, was also the “heart of the aviation industry” in the former Soviet Union. It was the most advanced factory for large-scale aero-engines built at that time. After the collapse of the former Soviet Union, the factory belonged to the independent Ukraine, but Ukraine itself had a limited market. At that time, the main customer of the Motor Sich factory was still Russia. However, with the fall of Ukraine’s pro-Russian President Anukovych in 2014 and Russia’s military command in Crimea, Ukraine completely interrupted military cooperation with Russia, and the Motor Sich factory Due to the loss of the largest customer, it fell into a serious business crisis.

The Chinese-funded enterprise Tianjiao Group became one of the shareholders of Motor Sich in 2013, and continued to increase capital in the following years to help it complete the development of the AI-9500F turbofan engine; after that, the Chinese shareholder placed an order and contributed funds to save the loss of the largest customer Russia’s Madasic; as of 2018, Tianjiao Group held more than 50% of its shares due to continuous capital increase, becoming the largest shareholder of Madsic; but in 2019, when Zelensky succeeded in his election, it began. Obstructed the acquisition of Motor Sic and forcibly started the nationalization process of Motor Sic. Motor Sic was finally nationalized, but Ukraine was unwilling to lose money to Tianjiao Group. Tianjiao Group filed an international arbitration in 2020, claiming US$4.5 billion from Ukraine, and the international lawsuit has not yet ended. The U.S. keeps talking about international rules all day long, tore up the Chinese-funded acquisition of Motor Sic’s contract against Zelensky, and refused to pay compensation. The U.S. stopped it with a single word, but was still directing it behind the scenes, and didn’t want China to be advanced. aviation engine technology? Seeing that the situation of Motor Sich has deteriorated, China has vigorously developed domestic technology and manufactured the WS17 engine, which has become the “Chinese heart” of Chinese aircraft.

Just imagine if the Chinese company is still the major shareholder of Motor Sich, will Russia destroy this factory with missiles? Now it seems that it is Zelensky, who is in command of politics, who buried the legend of the aviation engine industry.

2. Antonov Aircraft Company. The second jewel of the Ukrainian military industry is Antonov.

Antonov, based in Kyiv, designed and built the Ann series of transport aircraft. The company designed and built the world’s largest An-225 super transport plane, which was originally parked at the Antonov airfield on the outskirts of Kiev, and was blown up during the Russian attack on Kyiv. The An-225 super transport aircraft was built during the space race between the former Soviet Union and the United States during the Cold War to carry space shuttles to take off. At that time, Antonov originally planned to build two planes, but in the end only one An-225 was put into service. The second plane was limited by financial resources and only partially completed was sealed. During the Ukrainian war, the Antonov company’s building was hit by artillery fire, and it is said that all plans and files were destroyed. And a newly established company in China bought the wreckage of the An-225 super transport plane, which I believe still has research value.

3. Black Sea Shipyard. The third jewel of the Ukrainian military industry is the Nikolayev Shipyard, also known as the Black Sea Shipyard, which built all the aircraft carriers of the Soviet and Russian navies, including the built but unfinished aircraft carrier Varyag, which was eventually resold to China , continued to be built by Dalian Shipyard, and is now the Liaoning ship, the aircraft carrier of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army. After the disintegration of the Soviet Union, Ukraine’s economy was sluggish and there was a lack of orders, and the Black Sea shipyards declined. Finally, the Black Sea shipyard was declared bankrupt by the local economic court on July 3, 2018, and it did not survive the Ukraine war.

Thirty years ago, when Ukraine became independent from the Soviet Union, it was thought that a better tomorrow would come soon after copying the Western system. Unexpectedly, this is the beginning of breaking a good hand. The three pearls of Ukraine’s military industry have fallen from the laurels one after another. Ukraine has degenerated from an advanced military-industrial country to an agricultural country, and then deteriorated into a war ruin. The history of this country’s degeneration is really worth learning from.
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