“Luigi’s Mansion” and Mario “Beach” dual-themed Lego will go on sale in January 2022

The Danish toy brand Lego announced that it will launch a number of new expansion boxes in the Lego Super Mario series in January 2022, including the classic game “Luigi’s Mansion”, and 3 expansion sets with “Beach” as the main scene, including “Sea “Dragon King’s Beach”, “Big Sea Urchin’s Beach Cart” and “Kuba Jr.’s Clown Spaceship”.

The super popular game “Luigi’s Mansion” reproduces the classic scene of the game

The Lego Group officially added Mario twin brother Luigi to the Lego Super Mario series this year. In 2022, it will be more integrated with the classic game “Luigi Mansion”, which is loved by adults and children, and launch three new game-themed expansion box sets. They are “Luigi Mansion Laboratory and Ghost Vacuum Cleaner”, “Luigi Mansion Entrance”, and “Luigi Mansion Haunted Hide and Seek”. The classic game screens are materialized and Luigi is carrying the signature equipment “Phantom Vacuum Cleaner” to catch ghosts, A wonderful game segment where you can draw gold coins. In addition to exploring and searching for gems in the Goblin Mansion, and fighting side by side with the loyal friend “Goblin Dog”, “Shy Ghost King” and the purple goblin “Shadow Demon” also appeared in this box set.

Expansion group with “beach” as the scene

In addition to the “Luigi Mansion” theme expansion group, the LEGO Super Mario series will also simultaneously launch 3 expansion groups with “beach” as the main scene, including “Sea Dragon King’s Beach” and “Beach Urchin’s Beach Car” Unlike “Kuba Jr.’s Clown Spaceship”, it brings players a different game experience with refreshing colors and scenes! Among them, many popular characters appeared, including their companions “Yellow Yoshi”, “Sea Dragon King” and the cute villains “Bubble Fish”, “Big Sea Urchin” and “Baby Crab”.

At the same time, players can assemble a variety of sea-themed tracks. Take the “Hitchhiking Dolphin” to spin on the slider like surfing. You can also get gold coins if you successfully ride the waves. A diverse and interesting game experience.

The two new expansion boxes of the LEGO Super Mario series will be officially launched in January 2022.


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