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[Epoch Times, Medi 26, 2022](Reported by reporter Li Mei in New York) Diseases such as cervical spine and refractory gynecological diseases often render today’s most advanced medical methods helpless. Acupuncture, bone fixation and acupuncture are all important treatment methods of traditional Chinese medicine. If you are lucky enough to come across a unique secret medical technique, you will be able to rejuvenate your hands and heal diseases by hand, and you won’t be surprised. by the immediate effect.

Mr. Jeo Wang, an orthopedic specialist from Shande Meridian Health Care of New York and an expert in acupuncture and hydrotherapy, got his family’s true legacy after graduating from the Chinese Medical College in mainland China, and learned the tricks of Taoist medicine. Magic therapy and secrets such as acupuncture, acupuncture, and water piercing are extremely adept at treating intractable diseases. A few days ago, he shared some typical cases of his successful healing.

Heart rate returns to normal after cervical spine reduction

[Achos 1]One day, Joe’s friend’s father couldn’t move his cervical vertebrae at all, and asked him to check and treat. Jeo tried the old man’s cervical vertebrae with his hand, and found that the positions of the third and fourth cervical vertebrae were changing and wrong, so he said to the old man, “Not only can you not move your neck , but your heart doesn’t feel good, and you have palpitations and palpitations.”

The family members on the side were shocked and said that the elderly often went to the hospital in recent years to check because of their heartbeat and pulse, but they found nothing. Relying on his skillful technique, Jeo immediately repositioned his cervical vertebrae in a few minutes, and the old man was able to move normally, and he no longer felt congested.

Jeo suggested that problems with the cervical spine not only affect its own activities, but also affect the functions of the human heart, breathing, digestive system, and breast, which should be addressed.

[Achos 2]A middle-aged man in his 40s has an old problem that has plagued him for many years, that is, he cannot get up straight as a normal person when he wakes up every morning. After opening his eyes, he needs to move his fingers, toes and arms first, and then he can get up slowly after half a day, otherwise his heartbeat will be serious and he will be out of breath. After Jeo checked it, he found that it was compressing the nerve due to the dislocation of the cervical vertebrae, and immediately replaced his cervical vertebrae. After just one treatment, the middle-aged man woke up the next morning and returned to normal.

The Secret to Rejuvenating Your Hands

Why can repositioning the cervical spine change the patient’s painful condition? Jeo explained that the human body is like a precise instrument, and each structure and part should fulfill its own function in the right position. However, if disc herniation or cervical disc herniation occurs, the force on the nucleus pulposus in the vertebral body can compress the spinal canal, affecting the central nervous function of the spinal canal, or affecting the function the nerve roots between the vertebrae. By placing bones, the structure can be tuned to make it slightly more spacious “Even if there is a space as big as a hair, it will not hurt in an instant.”

However, not everyone can master this boning technique so accurately. Joe Wang has more than 20 years of experience in traditional Chinese medicine. Based on the practice of ancient techniques, he constantly summarizes experience, so that theory and practice can be combined with knowledge and practice. The clinical experience becomes richer. and richer, and he often knows the patient’s cervical spine problem as soon as he acts. , Renewal to deal with associated intractable diseases.

The most immediate effects of bone fixation include: falls, sudden shoulder and neck injury caused by external force, wrist dislocation, stiff neck, cervical spine imbalance in adolescence, high and low shoulders, tissue damage soft, etc. The earlier the correction, the better the effect.

Treat intractable gynecological diseases with kindness and benevolence

Although Jeo Wang has mastered the traditional therapy of the ancestors, he never claims to use it as a capital to show off. While running his own business, he has cured many incurable diseases that advanced medicine cannot do with his kindness and benevolence.

A woman suffers from metrorrhagia, which is a common gynecological disease, manifested as severe irregular menstruation, or bleeding, or menstrual blood dripping, which affects fertility and endangers health. The woman searched for well-known medical institutions and used infusions, curettage and other methods, all of which were ineffective and very painful. Joe used the ancient method of acupuncture and quickly stopped her uterine bleeding. Due to the excellent treatment effect for such diseases, the word of mouth is widely spread.

“Actually, in my eyes, all acupuncture is equivalent to medicine,” he explained. Traditional Chinese medicine is broad and profound, and acupuncture therapy contains profound principles. Improve your justice and improve immunity. You can also use acupuncture points to replenish water to achieve a nourishing yin effect.”

He recommends adjusting the person as a whole clinically. “I may have a headache and treat my feet. I use the acupuncture points on the feet to treat the acupuncture points. The acupuncture points are basically integrated, and the many organs associated with it are conditioned.”

In addition, Joe has also promoted Taoist acupuncture, water, and valley healing therapy for more than 20 years. Its acupuncture and acupuncture therapy is aimed at treating systemic diseases, while reducing the indicators of each disease, and has a significant effect on diseases such as high tri and obesity.

He explained that modern people are often plagued by a number of diseases. Some people suffer from high blood pressure and low back pain. There are problems in the liver, kidneys, spleen and stomach. “For example, when you regulate the spleen and stomach, it can be bad for the liver, and when it regulates the liver, it can be bad for the spleen and stomach, or bad for the kidney There is no way to solve all diseases with one medicine It can treat the disease quickly. cure all the diseases, and the obvious effect is seen very soon.”

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