[Marwolaeth Jiang Zemin]The Hong Kong government and several departments The official Hong Kong Taobao media website turned black and white pages

Screenshot from the Chief Executive’s Office website

Former President Jiang Zemin died at noon today (30th) aged 96. After the news of the death came out, the Hong Kong government and even the establishment sector expressed their condolences. The official website of the Hong Kong government changed the entire page to black and white this evening, but kept the national emblem and the district emblem. in color

In the news industry, “Wireless News” changed the Taiwan logo to black and white at night. Now News also changed the profile picture of the profile picture to black and white on Facebook. However, netizens found the images seriously out of order. . After Now News Upload a clear black and white logo.

now 新聞 fb專頁,將圖像改為黑白白,但被網民甲諷上傳低清键

The now-news page changed the image to black and white, but was ridiculed by netizens for uploading low-resolution photos

As for the newspaper industry, the official website of Wen Wei Po turned its entire page black and white, but the website of Ta Kung Pao, which also belongs to “Tagong Wenhui Media Group,” did not change the color of the page until 10 pm; half an hour later, the website had changed to black and white. “Hong Kong 01” changed the website logo to black and white only, while the daily headline, Ming Pao, Hong Kong Economic Journal, Topick and other websites did not change at all.

“Yahoo News” logged onto the RTHK website at 11pm and discovered that the logo had been changed to black and white.


Wen Wei Po’s website under the Liaison Office of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China


Liaison Office Ta Kung Pao website


RTHK website

Many disciplined services and government departments have changed the department logos of their social pages to black and white, including the Hong Kong Police, Fire Services Department, Hong Kong Observatory, etc.

Several government departments have also changed the homepage of their websites to black and white, and if users browse pages other than the homepage, they will revert to the normal color display.

Hong Kong police fb page

Hong Kong police fb page

fire department fb page

fb page of the Department of Fire Services


The official website of the Hong Kong Observatory


Office of the Chief Secretary Administration website

律政司 網站首頁現為黑白道;但因為律政司長林定國的履歷和official魔,並非放在網站首頁首頁,死就就未有轉為黑白。。

Currently the home page of the Department of Justice website is black and white; however, because Justice Secretary Lam Ting-kwok’s resume and official photo have not been placed on the website’s home page, it has not been changed to black. and white.

On the mainland, Xinhua News Agency, which first reported the news of Jiang Zemin’s death, changed its entire page to black and white on its official website. Widely used websites and mobile applications, such as Taobao, have also changed their entire webpage to black and white, but other popular websites For example, Weibo, Xiaohongshu, WeChat, etc. have not changed.


Taobao changed the entire website to black and white

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