Matichon Presentation 3 December 2022 : Local Unlock

local unlock

At the parliamentary meeting on November 29, the draft constitution of the Kingdom of Thailand was considered. Local Government Chapter 14 Amendment Amendment Proposed by Mr. Juangrongrunkit chairman of the progressive committee with the people who have the right to vote in the amount of 76,591 people, Mr. explained. draft amendment to the constitution Local government will launch a new economic engine. with the main idea being 1. Power and freedom in administration 2. Managing a budget that is fair and appropriate to the mission received and 3. Making a referendum on restructuring the country’s administration. by adhering to the basic principle that power belongs to the people

Mr Piyabutr Saengkanokkul, secretary of the Progress Faculty, explained that this draft has 12 important contents, such as certifying the principle of devolution. and the principle of independence of the local government organization (LAO), providing local public services, solving the idle power problem 4. Determine the type of local administrative authority in the constitution, ready to open the way if a new form is to be created Make it law, choose your own local administrators, open the way for local income channels. and new revenues such as loans to build infrastructure Including allocating subsidies, providing more public services. Let the private sector come in to do infrastructure, be independent in managing personnel, oversee local authorities, set up citizens councils increase engagement

There was strong opposition from parliamentarians, many of whom came from the bureaucratic system. and also express an opinion accusing the proponent Claiming that the proposed referendum to dissolve the provincial government is against the constitution and the autonomy of local executives falls into the category of separating the kingdom, etc., which is the principle that has always been used to argue for local self-government The world situation has changed a lot. Thai society must keep up. without being attached to the way of thinking that does not believe in the potential of the people and society This draft amendment to the constitution There will be a vote on it in the next parliamentary session. And it was difficult to approve because the rules in the constitution did not facilitate improvements, but in the end, the reaction of the people decides whether unlocking will happen or not.

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