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Mercedes F1 “Engine reliability problems have nothing to do with Cowell’s departure”[F1-Gate .com]

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Toto Wolff, the team representative of Mercedes F1, rejected the proposal that suffering from the unreliability of F1 engines was related to Andy Cowell’s departure.

Andy Cowell, who was active as a representative of the F1 engine division that was very successful during the F1 power unit era, decided to retire from F1 last year.

Andy Cowell agrees with the frequent occurrence of Mercedes F1 engine reliability problems in 2021, and team representative Toto Wolff admits that the cause is “not completely understood” yet. ..

But Toto Wolff denies that Andy Corway’s departure is related to engine reliability issues.

“One of the strengths of this company is the depth of its staff,” Toto Wolff said of SpeedWeek.

“Of course, Andy is an extraordinary person who has made a huge contribution to our success, as is his successor, Highell Thomas.”

“I’m 100% confident in the current structure and I don’t think there’s any difficulty in determining that it came from the fact that the top person left the company.”

But strangely, Valtteri Bottas is doubling the F1 power unit quotas allowed so far in 2021, but Toto Wolff should abolish that long engine life rule for F1. I don’t think.

Meanwhile, Red Bull F1 team representative Christian Horner is calling for a rethink.

“I’ve never been a fan of this limited number of engines each season,” said Christian Horner.

“I understand that it was installed to keep costs out of control, but after all, I’m using at least four units during the season anyway.”

“And not only will it cost more, but it will also penalize the driver.”

But despite the Mercedes engine problem, Toto Wolff has a different view.

“We need to avoid creating a power unit that lasts only a few races. Losing a grid penalty would mean losing constructor points and putting a lot of engine into the car fighting for the drivers’ championship.” Said Toto Wolff.

But Toto Wolff says it’s “worth a look” to admit alternatives.

“I agree that it’s confusing for new fans to see drivers sent behind the grid that way, but I have no solution.”

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