Mexico Poland is a goalless draw

Doha: A Group C tie between Mexico and Poland ended in a goalless draw despite 97 minutes being played. Both teams had opportunities to score but neither managed to find the target. Meanwhile, Polish star Robert Lewandowski wasted a penalty. Mexican goalkeeper Ochao saved the team. The excellence of the Polish goalkeeper is also worth mentioning.

Both teams rushed towards the opposite goal through counter attacks, but the defensive line came to the rescue. The Polish star Lewandowski wasted the penalty awarded in the 55th minute. Mexican goalkeeper Guillermo Ochao blocked the kick. Lewandowski was awarded a penalty for bringing him down in the box. The referee’s decision was made with the help of war. Ochao jumped in the same direction as Lewandowski and the ball went out.

The first half of the game was boring. Mexico dominated the first half. If Mexico was aiming for Poland’s net, the goalkeeper’s brilliant save changed the course of the ball.

Mexico had the first chance to score in the sixth minute of the game, but did not find the net. In the 28th minute, Mexican star Sanchez received a yellow card. Mexico had 63 percent of the ball. At the same time, there were no significant counter-attacks from the Polish side. The star Lewandowski was locked down by the Mexican defence. Meanwhile, Mexico entered the field in a 4-3-3 formation. Poland played in a 3-5-2 formation.

Meanwhile, Argentina lost to Saudi Arabia in the first match of the group earlier. In the second game, Poland and Mexico were tied. With this, the other games in the group are crucial for all the teams. Saudi Arabia is in first place with three points. Teams Poland Mexico won a point each.

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