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Following Nintendo’s announcement on the Nintendo Direct mini of “Monster Hunter Rising Dawn” on the evening of the 28th (28th), Capcom also announced the upcoming Ver.10.0.2 version update on the official website. Description, including buffs and nerfs adjustments for each weapon.

In the 10.0.2 Daybreak revision, the game will add a new story and a “Master Rank” that goes beyond the advanced level. At the same time, all weapon types will also be added with high-speed replacement, charge action, new switching skills, and new continuous skills.

Among them, players are most concerned about the detailed adjustment of weapons. Many weapons have been comprehensively improved in terms of attack, but there are also a small number of weapons that have been revised down due to their strong performance in the past, such as the light crossbow gun and the heavy crossbow gun. Grenades and Slicing Bullets have been weakened.


The following is a brief description of the adjustment characteristics of each weapon. For detailed changes, please refer to the official website.

  • Great Sword: The damage and attribute correction of various attack actions are increased, and the derivative of powerful sweeping slash and strong charge when the “Hunting Blade” lands is added.
  • Taidao: The power of each action is increased, but the counterattack power of Iai drawing the knife and the air-blade slash are all reduced, and the color correction value of jumping → air-blade slashing is revised down.
  • One-Handed Sword: The power of each action has been increased in an all-round way, and the problem that the defense preparation action cannot be canceled when the defensive slash is used immediately after preparing for defense is fixed.
  • Double Swords: The power of each action has been increased in an all-round way, and the ghost[Beast]has been adjusted to be more difficult to enter the ghost strengthening
  • Long Spear: The power of each action has been increased in an all-round way, the success judgment of “Precision Defense” has been extended, the cost of “Dueling Body Shot” has been changed to 1, and the duration of the attack power increase effect of “Anchor Fury” has been extended.
  • Gun Gun: Adjusted shelling Lv4 and 5 (full power increase), shortened the recovery time of the flying insect meter of “Gangshakblade”, and increased the reduction of the cooling meter of the Dragon Shotgun
  • Sledgehammer: The power and gas depletion value of each action has been increased in an all-round way.
  • Hunting whistle: The power of each action has increased in an all-round way
  • Slashing Axe: The power of each action increases in an all-round way, and the power of “Swirl” will increase according to the number of activations
  • Charging Axe: Transforming Slash and Counterattack The power of Transforming Slash will increase in an all-round way. When the number of bottles is 0, the sword will be charged. → When charging, there will be no bottle charging failure action, but the charging will start directly.
  • Buggy Stick: The power of each action is fully increased, obtaining orange essence and invincible effects in “Insect Hunting Return”, “Insect Recalling”, and “Insect Operation[Gathering Essence]”
  • Light Crossbow Gun: The power of LV2 and LV3 armor-piercing grenades is decreased, and the recoil is increased; the power of LV3 diffuser is slightly decreased; the power of slicing bullets is decreased, the recoil is increased, and the damage rate of parts is increased.
  • Heavy crossbow gun: LV2, LV3 armor-piercing grenades, diffusion bombs and slicing bombs are modified with the light crossbow gun
  • Bow: The power of each action is increased in an all-round way, but the power of charge 3 and 4 is decreased

The “Monster Hunter Rise” expansion “Monster Hunter Rise Dawn” will be launched on Nintendo Switch and Steam on June 30. The update capacity requires about 10.1 GB for Switch and about 22.0 GB for Steam.

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