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Don’t take it seriously! Severe muscle loss with age can be fatal

Muscle is an important indicator of health and is closely related to physical strength. However, many adults are unaware of muscle loss, or see it as part of ageing. Yadong Hospital has long been concerned about the issue of people’s empowerment and health, and cooperated with Abbott Taiwan to hold a two-week “Muscle Loss Risk Health Education Curation”.

A high rate of bed rest for muscle fractures can also increase the risk of death

Director Chen Zhidao of the Department of Family Medicine of Yadong Memorial Hospital emphasized that muscles can not only maintain self-care ability, but also activate immune cells, which is one of the keys to maintaining the quality of life and immunity. With muscle loss, people will first feel the decline in grip strength, walking ability, and physical strength. If they do not actively improve, people may fall into a vicious cycle of “decrease in exercise → loss growing muscles → less self-care ability” In the future, they may suffer from poor balance Fall and fracture, after you start staying in bed, the time and economic cost of nursing care will increase greatly.

In addition, muscle is also an important tissue for storing and stimulating the production of immune cell raw materials. As long as the muscle mass is reduced by 10%, it will lead to a decrease in immunity and more bacterial infection. If’ r muscle loss is 40% %, the risk of death will increase.

Symptoms of the new crown will also cause muscle wasting and can cause sarcopenia to report early

After contracting the new coronary pneumonia, in addition to brain fog, poor appetite, and easy panting, muscle loss is also a long-term new coronary symptom that needs to be taken seriously. Director Chen Zhidao explained that during a new coronary pneumonia infection, the immune storm swept the patient’s body, causing a strong inflammatory response, leading to a decrease in muscle building efficiency; the immune system also needs a lot of energy to produce more immune cells to fight the virus, which can lead to muscle loss. The protein in it is broken down.

Under multiple shocks, the patient’s muscle health may continue to be affected in the short and long term, and the problem of sarcopenia may come early. Director Chen Zhidao also appealed to the public that if they go to the hospital to see a doctor, they can go to the preventive health center for free sarcopenia tests.

Women should be wary of rapid muscle loss after menopause

Lin Ziyu, deputy director of Yadong Memorial Hospital, also reminded women that after menopause, the decrease in estrogen secretion will affect protein absorption and muscle production, reduce the proportion of body muscle tissue, and accelerate muscle loss. In addition, between the ages of 40 and 80, muscle mass will be lost at an average rate of 8% per year, along with the short-term and long-term impact of new coronary pneumonia on muscle, regardless of gender and age . , everyone in the country needs to address the problem of muscle loss AND actively improve, in order to maintain their own health and quality of life.

Combining digital technology and research results from international journals, Abbott launched an online “muscle condition test”, which takes one minute to get a preliminary understanding of one’s muscle condition, and serves as a reference for lifestyle habits, diet and exercise. Li Yanuo, general manager of Abbott Taiwan’s nutrition business, said, “We have been concerned about the health of the people of Taiwan for nearly 40 years, and hope to continue to provide information and nutritional science products to fill the gap of potential nutritional deficiencies. We very happy to have the opportunity to collaborate with Yadong this time The hospital collaborates with health and education activities to fulfill the promise of protecting the health of the people.”


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