Musk restores banned accounts on Twitter… Advertisers are leaving

[AI요약] While former US President Donald Trump’s account, which was banned from Twitter, has been reinstated, most previously banned Twitter accounts are expected to be reinstated. While Elon Musk emphasized ‘freedom of expression’ and announced that he would reinstate the controversial account from this week, major advertisers are leaving Twitter, worried about ads appearing on ‘objectionable content’.

Existing Twitter advertisers are leaving Twitter as Elon Musk announced that he would seriously reinstate banned Twitter accounts. (Image = CNN News capture)

According to foreign media such as CNN on the 26th (local time), the recovery of the suspended account from Twitter social media will be done seriously from this week.

Twitter CEO Elon Muste will reinstate the majority of previously banned and suspended Twitter accounts starting this week in the broadest move to reverse the platform’s policy of suspending users who repeatedly violate Twitter’s rules. once again permanently.

Musk announced on Twitter last week that the suspended account would be reinstated, leaving, “The pardon will start next week.” Must’s announcement follows a Twitter poll on “general amnesty for suspended accounts if they don’t break the law or engage in egregious spam.”

The poll, which ended on the 17th, ended with 72.4% in favor of restoring suspended accounts and 27.6% against, and more than 3 million people took part in the vote on Twitter.

However, it is known that Musk and his Twitter team have not clearly defined how to distribute accounts suspended for illegal content or spam inside the platform and accounts suspended for other violations and the total accounts to restore.

Musk ran another poll last week via Twitter. It is a vote on the reinstatement of Trump’s account, which was halted after ardent supporters of former US President Donald Trump stormed the US Capitol on January 6, 2021. The vote ended with a small majority in favor of reinstatement of Trump’s account , after which Musk announced the reinstatement of Trump’s account.

Musk also reinstated previously banned and suspended accounts of controversial users, including Canadian conservative podcaster Jordan Peterson, right-wing satirical website Babylon Bee, comedian Kathy Griffin and Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Green.

Earlier, Musk announced that he would form a ‘content moderation committee’ with diverse views immediately after acquiring Twitter, and that no major decisions would be made until the committee was in place.

It is not known if the committee that Musk promised was actually formed and if discussions were made on platform changes. After restoring Trump’s account, Musk tweeted in Latin, “The voice of the people is the voice of God.”

Before Musk acquired Twitter, the platform gave users nine chances before suspending their accounts if they repeatedly violated its rules about COVID-19 or continued to provide false information about civil integrity. In addition, Twitter implemented devices to reduce internal disputes within the platform, such as △ban terrorism △threats of individual and collective violence △target abuse and harassment △protect personal information △promote abuse and self-harm.

Advertisers on Twitter are concerned that their ads are appearing alongside “undesirable content.” (Image = CNBC News capture)

Musk has publicly stated that he does not agree with Twitter’s permanent account ban policy. “The new Twitter policy is freedom of expression, not freedom of authority,” Musk tweeted last week. It can’t be manufactured,” he said, adding that Twitter doesn’t make money from hate speech.

However, it is noted that Musk’s decision to reinstate a number of previously banned Twitter accounts will be difficult to gain support from existing Twitter advertisers. After Musk took over Twitter, many advertisers who left the platform were said to be worried that their ads would appear with “undesirable content.”

“In recent weeks, the company’s revenue has dropped significantly as Twitter’s top advertisers have left,” Musk said.