Musk sold his last luxury home for US$30 million and became a “shellless snail” (09:59)-20211207-Real-time financial news

It is reported that the mansion is located in Hillsboro, California and is one of the most expensive communities in the United States. The mansion has 7 bedrooms, 10 bathrooms, a library, music room and private swimming pool.

Musk has said that the above-mentioned mansion is his “last property on earth.” Now Musk sells it for $30 million, which is $7.5 million lower than the original price. Musk is currently renting a combined house worth about $50,000 from his company SpaceX in Texas.

Other reports

Weibo IPO is priced at 272.8 yuan, overbuying 1.6 times, and the rate of signing is 47%

Female stock god Cathie Wood plans to launch the second ETF in three years, mainly tracking technology consumer companies

The People’s Bank of China announced yesterday that the three major indexes of Shanghai and Shenzhen will open higher

The Hang Seng Index opened 355 points higher, Ali rose 8%, Evergrande rose 6.6%, R&F rose 4.3%, Shimao fell 3.6%

R&F’s November sales revenue fell 43% year-on-year, and the cumulative total for the year still fell 4%

Hong Kong stocks ADR rises by 385 points, overnight highs are 370 points, and U.S. Asian stocks develop individually

Logan raises 1.1 billion yuan through allotment at a discount of about 9.9%

R&F learns to sell Guangzhou International Airport’s R&F Integrated Logistics Park, involving more than 3 billion yuan

Shimao raises 1.1 billion through rights issue at a discount of approximately 8.5%

Omicron did not lead to an increase in hospitalization rates, the Dow hits 9-month maximum increase, and closes up 646 points


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