‘My angel is practicing your crushing blow; Sreesanth’s daughter imitates Kohli’s daughter | Virat Kohli | Shots | 20 Twenty

A cute video of Sreesanth’s daughter trying to imitate Virat Kohli’s ‘breakthrough shots’ is going viral. Cricketer Sreesanth has shared a video of his daughter trying to imitate Kohli’s famous shot. ‘My angel is trying to practice your perfect shot. Sreesanth shared this video on social media with the caption ‘Still a long way to go’.

Sreesanth’s daughter is trying to emulate former captain Virat Kohli, who performed brilliantly against Pakistan in the Twenty20 World Cup. Sreesanth shared a video of his daughter batting in the nets on Instagram. In the video shared by Virat tagging Kohli, the boy tries to bat in the same manner as Kohli. Kohli played a crucial role in India’s victory against Pakistan. Sreesanth has two daughters Suryasree and Sanvika.

Content summary: Sreesanth’s daughter imitates Virat Kohli’s amazing shots