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March 24, 2023 – At 9:50 am in the Palang Pracharat Party (PPP), Mrs. Narumon Pinyosinwat, PPP party treasurer, political work address with the PPP that the PRC has a large number of qualified personnel. the two who have co-founded the party since 1961, those who have joined the development of the party along the way and those who have joined the party recently Everyone has various abilities which benefit the party party. And they have the intention to do good things for the people.

For myself, I intend to work in politics. because of the desire to repay the grace of Thailand Especially people who pay taxes to study abroad. make a poor child whose cost of living is very low I have many good opportunities in life these days because of government scholarship exams. he went to study at a good university for masters and doctorate degrees Then he came back to serve as a permanent lecturer at the National Institute for Administration Development for 23 years until he was appointed a Professor and 5 years ago, he was given an opportunity by the party to work in politics. so he decided to resign from government service With the hope and determination to bring knowledge and experience for the benefit of the benefactor who are the brothers and sisters of the people who pay taxes to send scholarship students to study

Ms. Narumon that the election in 2019 gave the parties’ executives an opportunity to run. MP No. 5 is the only woman in the top 10 without a request from anyone. But it is pure kindness. of party executives at the time, who saw us committed to working for the party since its inception in January 2018, despite being a new face in politics Not a big boy Never run for election before

“This election So we would like to allow the new political generation to enter some of the main lists If we who have had the opportunity before, don’t sacrifice, new people will have almost no chance to rise . Therefore, he expressed his intention to the nomination committee and the parties’ executive officers that he would give up the right to be nominated on the list. Party MPs So, today the party will consider the list again,” said Mrs. Narumon.

The PPP leader said that he always says it is time for the PPP to lose its leaves so that new police forces can come to work. This time, I may have to turn one leaf. saw new strength blossom and bear fruit Next time, I may be able to turn many more leaves. This big tree will grow strong and beautiful, and for him, political work is not only working in MP status. There are many other types of work that we can help the Party, the candidates, and serve the people. The most important is political ideology. because for them Sacrifice is political work, not victory. and not stick to the situation of always believing that when we don’t stick we will have freedom of thought. which leads to freedom to make decisions in all cases of public affairs

When asked about the future of politics after not giving up a list of MPs staying with the PPP And how to help with the work Mrs. Narumon would help with other tasks. Because there is a responsibility on the person who brought him to work with the party. and it is a pity that he was not able to make everyone fulfill their hopes when running for elections as a result of the new constituencies and overlapping areas which cause an effect Because it is our responsibility to lead him to the election. But it still helps to support the new generation to realize their hopes. And today, he is still the head of the army in Bangkok and can go on stage without being banned.

When asked if the reason was because there was news that Mrs. Narumon Drop to No. 20, cause discontent or not, said Mrs. Narumon no, and the party meeting on March 22 with her name in order according to the news and in fact according to that. But looking at the top 20 – 30 rankings, I didn’t see the new generation he intended. dedicated to the party get a chance to come to work If we don’t retreat, don’t sacrifice If you think that being an activist, you must be at the top. The new generation will never be able to enter. And many political parties are similar. therefore want him to have the opportunity to work in politics, but the chances are low if he is not sacrificed As for the new generation who want to be on the list, they must first discuss with the nomination committee who they are. and he had nominated and he had nominated people who work together

The reporter asked If the party prioritizes moving to 1-3, will they change their mind or not? Mrs Naruemon said not about that If you look at the last election, the PPP got 19 party list MPs, this time it is expected that they will be close to the original. If they are in the ranks of 10-20, they will have a chance to entered Prawit did not object. specifying that as you wish

When asked if the election results The PPP has returned 12 seats in Bangkok, will this affect Ms Narumon’s future Mrs Narumon said she had not discussed anything on this matter. Because organizing candidates for 33 areas is already difficult.

As for this sacrifice, will it help the new generation to come to work or not? Or is it just an opening for the children of certain groups to work? But in the end, the directors’ decisions must be respected.

When asked if she was told if the list was organized into a large house, who it belonged to, Ms Narumon said she was referring to herself. because of the election in 2019 where he explained how the political origin came and that he did not come from the Ban Yai family But he accepted the mercy of party executives of that magnitude. Always grateful.

“I have no complaints. I would like to repeat that the reason is because I want the new generation to really want to work in politics. I have always spoken to the new generation that I want to allow them to work in politics. if there is no channel You will not see the image of the new generation coming to work with the PPP. But he came to work with good intentions for the party and the people. And if the new generation comes to represent them, it will benefit the party. If there is a vote and popularity, more people will choose the party,” said Mrs. Narumon.

When asked to inform General Prawit Wongsuwan, the Deputy Prime Minister as the leader of the party Before deciding to give up the right or not, Mrs. Narumon that she had already informed. When giving up the party list Will you still work with the PPP or not Mrs. Naruemon that he still has responsibility. Because you can’t leave people in the middle of the road.

The reporter also asked if he resigned from the position of party treasurer or not. Mrs. Narumon that the future has not been decided on this matter at this time.

When asked to repeat that Will the announcement of the rejection of the list of candidates affect during this period when the election is approaching? Ms Narumon said it is a good thing because it will create a norm for PPP politicians that we are not connected and ready to sacrifice for others. have a chance And think it is believed in today’s press conference that it will not be wasted and will encourage the candidates to lead to good results for the candidates.

When asked if someone came to him to move the party Mrs. Narumon was not born from the PPP. If she did not get the opportunity from the executives, she would not have worked until today. If you want to leave, you must be aware of what you have accepted. and no one pressed

The reporter reported that During a press conference Mrs. Narumon There were tears in his eyes when he said about his background in the past that he had the opportunity to work in politics from an executive. While the leaders of the party such as Mr Wirat Ratanaset, the deputy leader of the party and General Krityothin Sasipattanawong, the executive director of the party stood and listened throughout the speech without making any comments.

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