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NASA Orion

NASA’s Orion capsule earlier completed a key part of the Artemis I mission, flying on the moon from a distance of about 130 kilometers above the moon. This success is important mainly because it demonstrated the reliability of the drive system. Orion performed four trajectory correction burns on the way to the moon, and this time the orbital propulsion system engine burned for 2 minutes and 30 seconds, allowing Orion to accelerate smoothly at 933 kilometers per hour. It was traveling at 8,084 kilometers per hour at an altitude of about 383 kilometers above the Moon when it started burning. Shortly after burning it arrived approximately 130 kilometers above the Moon, at a speed of 8,211 kilometers per hour.

Orion’s next step is to use the burn to enter the Moon’s long-distance retrograde orbit, expected at 4:52 pm ET on Friday. After that, Orion will remain in orbit for about a week, during which guidance, communications, power supply, thermal management and other systems are tested. It is worth noting that after entering orbit, Orion will be sent to a position approximately 64,370 kilometers away from the moon. According to current plans, it will return to Earth on December 11.

In addition to the Orion flyby of the moon, NASA also shared some details about the SLS launch and rocket system evaluation after a successful launch in a previous press conference. At the same time, engineers have also been studying the RAM failure problem of the tracking system and the automatic opening of the mobile service unit of the solar power module. At present, it has made a lot of progress, and according to NASA, the ” chapters” this affects the mission.

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