NASA’s Osiris-Rex Spacecraft Returns with Largest Ever Asteroid Soil Sample Collection

NASA Capsule Carrying Largest Ever Asteroid Soil Samples Set to Return to Earth

Washington, September 24 – A groundbreaking mission by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) is set to culminate on Sunday as a capsule containing the largest collection of soil samples ever taken from an asteroid is scheduled to make its return to Earth. The spacecraft, known as Osiris-Rex, will bravely pass through Earth’s atmosphere and safely descend by parachute into the desert in the state of Utah, USA.

The scientific community is eagerly anticipating the arrival of the recovered samples, which hold the potential to unlock valuable insights into the formation of the solar system and shed light on the processes that transformed our planet into a habitable haven.

Today, the Osiris-Rex spacecraft faces a critical moment as it navigates the perilous journey through Earth’s atmosphere. The capsule will be released from an altitude of approximately 108,000 kilometers, marking the onset of its four-hour descent towards the landing site. NASA fervently hopes for a smooth touchdown at 9:00 am local time in the United States (10:00 pm local time in Thailand), bringing to a close a remarkable six-year odyssey. Launched into space in 2016, the Osiris-Rex spacecraft successfully reached the asteroid Bennu and meticulously collected dust and soil samples weighing approximately 250 grams for their triumphant return to Earth.

Despite the modest quantity, NASA assures that these samples are of utmost significance. They will serve as vital resources in deciphering the characteristics of asteroids that pose a threat to our planet and illuminating the intricate origins of the solar system.

This remarkable feat of scientific endeavor heralds a new chapter in our quest for knowledge beyond the confines of Earth. As we eagerly await the safe return of the Osiris-Rex capsule, humanity stands to gain a deeper understanding of our cosmic heritage.

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WASHINGTON, September 24 – A National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) capsule is carrying the largest number of soil samples ever collected from an asteroid. The spacecraft is due to return to Earth on Sunday. Pass through the Earth’s atmosphere and drop by parachute into the desert in the state of Utah in the USA.

Scientists have high hopes for the recovered samples. It is believed to be able to provide information to give a better understanding of how the solar system formed and how the Earth became a habitable planet.

The Osiris-Rex spacecraft enters a critical moment today as entry into the Earth’s atmosphere is extremely dangerous. The capsule will be released from an altitude of approximately 108,000 kilometers, or four hours before landing. NASA hopes “Osiris-Rex” will land smoothly at 9:00 am local time in the United States or 10:00 pm local time in Thailand. This will mark the completion of a six-year journey The Osiris-Rex spacecraft was launched into space in 2016, and six years later it landed on the asteroid Bennu along with collecting dust and soil samples on Bennu Weighing around 250 grams to come back to the Earth. Although the sample is only a small amount But NASA said It will be able to help understand the characteristics of which asteroids will be a threat to the world and will help understand the origin of the solar system. – Thai News Agency

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