‘National Singing Contest’ Song Hae, hospitalized for health problems… Alternative MC in progress

Now it’s better… “There are no major health problems”

Songhae National Singing Contest

[KBS 제공. 재판매 및 DB 금지]

(Seoul = Yonhap News) Reporter Kang Ae-ran = ‘National MC’ Song Hae (95) will not be able to participate in the recording of KBS’s ‘National Singing Contest’ due to health problems.

On the 21st, KBS announced on the 21st that Song Hae could not attend the recording of the ‘National Singing Contest’ scheduled for the 22nd, so composer Lee Ho-seop and announcer Lim Su-min would take over as replacement MCs.

The recording will be broadcast in early February.

Songhae was recently admitted to the hospital due to health problems, but it is known that her condition has improved.

A KBS official said, “There is no major health problem.”

‘National Singing Contest’ has been broadcasting a ‘special’ broadcast with studio recordings and past broadcast edits from March 2020 due to the difficulty of on-site recording due to the novel coronavirus infection (Corona 19) epidemic.

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