Netflix fee increase?…Remove the maintenance ‘absurd argument’ VS

Netflix offices in California, USA./Newsis

Netflix is ​​expected to start a paid account sharing policy in Korea as well. Users have to pay extra if they want to share their accounts with friends and acquaintances.

According to the industry on the 28th, Netflix said, “At the end of the first quarter of this year, we will expand our paid account sharing policy dramatically to other countries.” Therefore, it is very likely that Korea also belongs to the service target countries.

Currently, paid policies are only applied to certain South American countries such as Chile and Costa Rica. Cohabitants can use it for free, but family members and friends who don’t live together can share accounts for up to two people for a fee.

Of course, the content and rate level of Korea’s content in the paid policy did not appear. However, the sharing fee set earlier is $2.99 ​​per month. That is why it is expected that about 3,500 won will be applied per person per month.

In the case of the premium plan, which costs 17,000 won per month, up to four people can access it at the same time. However, if the account sharing paid policy is introduced, the total monthly cost increases to 24,000 won. In other words, 3 people have to pay 8,000 won per month for Netflix, which is 4,250 won per month for 4 people.

There are also users who want to cancel their subscription over this. In a survey conducted by the Korea Information and Communication Policy Institute in November last year, 42.5% of 120 users who subscribe to Netflix under their own names answered that they would cancel their subscription if they had to pay extra for account sharing. On the other hand, only 24.2% of consumers said they would pay extra. Voices about monopoly are also emerging. He believes that changing the policy after promoting through free sharing is problematic.

However, there is also a view that the dropout rate will not be high. He believes that it will be difficult to cancel it easily because Netflix viewing has become commonplace. This is why we are aware of the voice of users, but we try to enforce the paid policy of Netflix account sharing.

However, Netflix has been constantly commenting on the shortcoming. The performance of the ad rate system introduced in November last year did not meet expectations after the initial blip. He tried to expand new subscriptions, but the results were slow.

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