Netizens hit each other, the bond of ‘Ma Onnapha’ spread to different opinions about politics.

after Attorney Tam Sithra Piankerd He came out to reveal that There are big actors beating the faces of Channel Noi Si stars. before there is a hint, and finally Onnapha Kritsadee’s horse he came to explain

Recently, on Instagram maornapa the horse, Onnapa has many comments. And it became a period where netizens were crushing each other. by the time one person posted a question ‘Did you really hit the mountain?’

There are people who come to answer. ‘True or not, he shouldn’t be called a horse like that. Stop Bully. When you are cheated, you don’t have to claim your rights when you infringe on other people’s rights. The comments are very sinister!’

Then another netizen commented. ‘I realized that calling uncle a bully’ and the person said ‘ask me to stop bullying’. ‘Know that too. Gender diversity is abundant today. The gender of the horse is female. Shouldn’t it be called that, don’t you think? Must explain? Even if it’s someone you don’t like, it’s not worth it.’

and get an answer from someone who ‘just knows’ that I appreciate that you answer me with kindness, kind words, but I would like to ask if it is your friend or someone you like at the moment. to hurt others or insult others You will come out at fault And is it right that you tell other people to listen or not? PS I’m not judging anyone or talking about anyone, it’s a general question.’

In addition, according to another netizen, ‘Changed to a new page. Don’t forget to change the comb – new too. The uncle next door gave it to me’ There were people who argued that ‘It is better to change the san-hun first. Look at the face of Som-Dee, the siege of others. Do you know the law? Is there any education to gain knowledge Need some development? So that you don’t have to insult others like this. One post, if a sane person looks at the reality of whether it is possible or not, is it that much? 10% post 100% unbroken eh

Including that there is also a saying ‘There are times when we don’t like Ma’s actions. But this one, are you insulting him too hard?’, ‘Suggest Mum to sue’

However, the person who commented posted that ‘change’ as well For those who have passed then unable to accept or hurt instead You are advised to take care of yourself. It’s not the first time Slap someone in the face is good behaviour. People with brains can always think. But most of the time repeating mistakes And there are people who still smile, even though they haven’t progressed anywhere. How many times, how many plays does it take to change your habits? old on Must still let other people learn. And people who come to comment and encourage, it’s not wrong, but I want to ask Are you addicted to social media? Are you addicted to watching the news? not knowing her behavior No, it can’t be helped. Because that’s your mood. You can’t go wrong with liking celebrities but seeing wrong as right That means you have a mental illness, fight, fun.’

and then there are those who withdrawThree hoofs good P’ Si got punched, and they said they deserved it. together with transfer money As for the oldest horse, he went to slap it. Tell him to change his behavior by attacking him, that he still doesn’t know the facts. What is their truth?

while another said ‘I hope when Srisuwan gets punched I guess you didn’t join. If you cannot accept this kind of thing It must be in every case. Not just with some people’

At the same time, there are people who have not yet settled on the story that happened. And waiting to hear the words from the horse’s mouth, Onnapha, asking her to set up a press conference. And if it is not true, it is recommended to sue you. At the same time, send encouragement through lots of pictures ❤️

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