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[Newest version in 2021]Recommend top ten PS VR game popularity rankings

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VirtualReality (virtual reality) is abbreviated as VR. With the official support of PS4 and the popularization of VR equipment, VR games have quickly gained popularity among gamers. As long as you wear a special headgear, you can feel the immersion as if you are actually in the game world. This new type of gameplay makes people hardly want to return to reality. I believe you will know the best in the game after experiencing it! However, in the face of so many new games launched for VR, I believe many players don’t know how to choose. Therefore, in addition to a brief introduction to the selection of PS VR games, we will also recommend ten popular products in the form of rankings, whether it is the classic “Evil Castle Series”, “Batman Akahan”, or full of healing feelings. “Summer Course Miyamoto Hikari Room” has a snare. Follow the footsteps of the article to explore the game world, and let the VR games full of future possibilities enrich your life!

Experience first, then buy

Before purchasing a game, be sure to confirm whether you are suitable for this type of game. Through the liquid crystal lens in the VR headgear, the screen can present a three-dimensional effect. In addition, its dedicated camera can recognize the movement of the head, allowing the screen in the headgear to move synchronously. The linkage between the two enhances the player’s sense of presence.

However, such a design may cause the so-called “3D halo”. Even if there is no similar situation when playing a normal game, there is still a possibility of dizziness in VR. In order to avoid dizziness after the purchase, it is recommended to go to the store to experience it before purchasing.

The key points of purchasing PS VR games

PS VR began to be sold in October 2016, and the supported software has been continuously increasing. This time we will introduce the selection points from the perspective of “VR beginners” from many games. In order to fully enjoy the rare VR environment, it is recommended to choose a game that can fully experience the fun of VR.

●Select according to type

The most important thing in playing games is to have fun, so the principle of selection is to wash it out by yourself. If you insist on playing popular themes in pursuit of popularity, or game types that require extremely high adaptability, you may not be able to thoroughly experience the real fun of VR games.

VR games are mostly “first-person perspective,” and most of them are FPS-type games that make full use of this perspective. In addition, there are also strategy, RPG, thriller, action, competition, love and other types. When shopping, you may want to think about the favorite type first, and then filter from it. You can quickly find the game that meets your taste.

●Select according to the number of players

Want to have fun with family and friends, or immerse yourself in the world of games? You can choose according to the way you want to play!

Large number of people: horror themes or small game compilations can stir up the atmosphere

If you want to stir up the atmosphere of a multi-person gathering, horror games and other types of games that will bring fun due to the different reactions of each person, you can quickly ignite the fighting spirit of the players. In addition, the unprecedented sense of substitution and immersive experience of VR games is extremely fresh for those who usually have less contact with the game. In addition, if most of the people present are not familiar with VR games, then a compilation containing many small games will be a relatively suitable choice. For beginners, the sense of reality of VR games is amazing enough, and the experience of all kinds of games is not only fun, but also can achieve the purpose of having fun.

Single player: beautiful girl game or RPG type

When playing alone, the type that can be fully immersed in the VR world or plot will certainly not disappoint. For example, in a three-dimensional 3D space, you can experience a game that is surrounded and healed by cute girls. The beautiful girls seem to be standing in front of your eyes. If you try it once, you may not be able to return to reality. And there are many designs of this type of game. For single players to play. And RPG-type games with a magnificent world view are also very suitable for one person to experience. The whimsical world expands in front of you, and the thrills are enough to make people forget the daily trivial troubles. And this type of game is often quite fascinating in terms of plot development, which is suitable for in-depth taste alone.

●Get started with the free trial game of PS Plus

The “PS Plus” function purchased at an additional cost will regularly provide free games for a limited period of time, which also includes a variety of VR games. If you can’t decide which type of game to buy, you might as well try it during the free period of PS Plus, and then decide after the actual experience. And PS Plus will launch different free games every month. After many attempts, you may encounter unexpected masterpieces.

●Pay attention to the game classification and irritating screen

Since VR games have a sense of substitution that ordinary games cannot match, they must be very careful and abide by their grading system. In addition to observing the age limit, even if you have reached the required age, you must carefully consider whether you can bear the irritating picture. In addition, PS VR itself is suitable for users over 12 years old, and children with a lower age may have the risk of squinting. Please be aware of it.

●Getting started is recommended to choose a game type that is not easy to dizzy

PS VR games, such as fixed postures that are not much different from the actions in reality, or the appreciation type that does not require movement, are relatively less prone to dizziness, and it is recommended that beginners start with this type of game. Conversely, if there is a gap between the size of the character and the player (such as most FPS games) or the ability to move freely, explore (the player does not move in reality), and the angle of view will change drastically, it is easy to cause dizziness. It is best to wait until you get used to the vision of VR It’s better to try again after feeling.

Recommend top ten PS VR game popularity rankings

The following will introduce ten games that support PS VR in the form of rankings. Faced with the growing VR game market, it must be difficult to choose various types, right? Please refer to this ranking to purchase games and fully experience VR, the next-generation game console.

10: RIGS Mechanized Combat League

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Driving a huge robot, challenging the coordination of hands and brain

The lifelike feeling of sitting in the cockpit is sure to make all players addicted as soon as they play! You can choose your favorite body battle from 6 types of robots, and the game mode has single-player battles and 3-on-3 online battles to choose from. The battle mode also supports online voice, allowing players to team up with friends to discuss strategies, defeat enemies to gain points, and make the game process more realistic.

But because this game operation, such as “movement direction” and “quasi-center movement” are extremely dependent on head rotation, and compared to other types, it is easy to cause 3D dizziness, so please try to play before buying, confirm It is better to adapt to repurchase.

・Release date: October 13, 2016・Vendor: Sony Computer Entertainment Universal Studio

9: PlayStation VR Worlds

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Five-in-one game for VR beginners

Whether it is operating robots for shooting and gang-themed shooting games, or diving into the deep sea and being chased by sharks, or lying on the road and playing extreme sports with skateboarding, or even using head movements to hit back big balls, you just need to start. There are five kinds of enjoyment in one slice. . Although it is a collection, it is not sloppy in terms of gameplay. For players who are hesitant to buy a game at the beginning, it can be used not only as an exercise, but also as a way to experience different gameplay.

However, because it is a compilation, the play time of each game is relatively short. If it is only played by a single player, I am afraid that it will soon lose interest. It may be used as a party multiplayer game.

・Release date: October 13, 2016・Vendor: Sony Computer Entertainment Universal Studio

8: Summer course Miyamoto Hikari room for 7 days

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Spend time with beautiful girls and experience the game of being healed by cute girls!

Released at the same time as PS VR, this game has brought hot topics as soon as it went on the market. The player will play the role of a tutor in the plot and spend 7 days in the VR space with the female students. In the process, they will experience various dialogues and plots. Although the content of the game is quite simple, the main “playing in the room with beautiful girls” has made many players eager to try.

In addition, the game’s official website also releases DLC with additional costumes and additional scenes, so that players who are still in the mood after the game can be healed again. However, due to the poor gameplay overall, some players may lose patience in the middle of the game, so they may wish to evaluate before buying.

・Release date: October 13, 2016・Vendor: Taiwan Bandai Namco Entertainment

7: Batman Akahan VR

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Become a justice messenger at night and experience the beautiful scenery of Bat Cave and Gotham City

Although this game with the super-popular “Batman” as the protagonist is a puzzle-solving type, there is no fierce fighting scene in movies or comics, but the screen is more detailed than other VR games released in the same period, and the light and shadow effects are more detailed. It is in place; and the familiar Batcave and Gotham City are also faithfully presented to the players. I believe that fans can still feast their eyes.

The operation uses two MOVE controllers, and the fixed-point play method is adopted to reduce screen shaking, ensuring that the player is not easy to feel dizzy. However, this game is currently only available in English, and the total plot length is only about 2 hours. If you are not familiar with English or look forward to a long plot, you may be a little disappointed.

・Release date: October 13, 2016・Vendor: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

6: The Elder Scrolls 5 Unbounded Skyline VR

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It’s easy to fight in person, and in both long and close combat.

This cross-platform game was first released in 2011 and was loved by many players at the time. The VR version was officially launched 6 years later and was well received. Players will play as the descendants of the last dragon race and return to Tamriel for an adventure. Cooperate with MOVE somatosensory operation, use the swing of the whole body to complete melee attacks, archery, spell use, etc., blood, realistic immersion and immersion in the fantasy game world.

In general movement, there are anti-dazzle elements, and the scenery outside the front is reversed and masked, so even if the movement is large, the scene changes are not easy to feel dizzy. However, if you want to go back, you must first rotate the angle of view to the back and then move. Players who are accustomed to backing directly may need time to get used to it.

・Release date: November 24, 2017・Vendor: Bethesda Software

5: Romantic sports car racing

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The all-anticipated series of masterpieces, drive your favorite car to challenge the championship!

The “Romantic Sports Car Series” loved by car fans, this generation still inherits the highly acclaimed ultra-realistic game engine. The rumbling engine sound surrounds the ears, which is enough to make both old and new players excited. With VR more It allows everyone to become a professional driver.

In addition to the original car types and tracks, this game is currently also continuing to introduce new models and tracks, allowing players to continue to challenge the limits. However, since the game is mainly based on online battles, some old players are a little disappointed. If players prefer the single-player driving mode, it may not be so suitable.

・Release date: October 17, 2017

4: Doom VFR

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Fight against the devil, who is the savior

“The Doom Series” has accumulated a lot of loyal fans since its launch, and the VR version launched in 2017 is even more acclaimed. In addition to the new elements, the maps of “Toxic Gas Refinery” and “Nuclear Power Plant” in the 2016 stand-alone version are also retained, allowing players to experience the new work while also recalling the classic map. In the early stage of the plot, the enhanced abilities and high-attack weapons were intimately provided to reduce the difficulty of the game. If you want to challenge your personal skills, you can also set a high difficulty mode to make the game more exciting!

In addition, the protagonist of this generation has added the ability to “move instantaneously”. The time required for movement is shortened and the player’s dizziness is greatly reduced. After getting used to it, he can shuttle between enemies as he pleases. No matter how difficult the level is, it can be easy. Cracked.

・Release date: December 01, 2017・Vendor: Bethesda Software

3: Farpoint pole

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Accurate shooting, everyone is a sharpshooter

If you want to experience the most realistic shooting game, this game can be said to be the best choice. With the PS VR shooting controller, players can shoot bullets with unparalleled precision and experience the invigorating and stress-relieving sense of real shooting. In addition, enemies will suddenly appear in front of you from time to time in the game. How to keep calm and aim is a test of the player’s skill.

Although it is not impossible to use the DualShock4 controller to play, if the budget is sufficient, you can consider purchasing a PS VR shooting controller to increase the sense of strike, which will definitely upgrade the experience. And more intimately, it can set the anti-stun steering mode, the enemy will also move to the player before attacking, which can be said to be a great boon for players who are prone to stun.

・Release date: May 16, 2017・Vendor: Taiwan Sony Interactive Entertainment

2: Until Dawn: Bloody Assault

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Combining the three major elements of stimulation, a variety of experiences can be completed at once

In the plot, the player will ride a mining truck in a dark, treacherous underground tunnel. The visual outlook is already scary, but you have to concentrate on observation and use two guns to repel the horrible ghosts that are approaching and attacking suddenly. In the first-person perspective of VR, the weird scenes and monsters and dolls that appear from time to time, the sense of presence that is pressing on can be said to be extremely real. I believe that anyone will experience it without coldness and scream again and again.

Because of this, this game that combines roller coasters, horror elements and shooting is particularly suitable for fun with friends and family. It must be fun to watch other people’s screaming reactions nearby.

・Release date: October 13, 2016・Vendor: Taiwan Sony Computer Entertainment

1: Evil Castle 7: Resident Evil

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Horror series masterpiece, the essence of VR games revealed

I believe that all PS players are no strangers to the “Evil Castle Series”, and “Resident Evil” naturally inherits the usual classic horror elements, plus the realistic and disgusting scenes are presented bloody, not only in line with the old players The expectation of this will open the eyes of the new beginners who join the castle series.

Many of the shots in the game are designed for the viewing angle of VR, such as an NPC staring at you with wide eyes during a conversation, or a dagger flying straight in front of you. In addition to not being dizzy, it also makes it more realistic. Straight up, if the heart is not big enough, players might want to take off the VR and escape! Want to see the natural reaction of your friends being frightened by the sudden horror scene, choose this one and enjoy it together.

・Release date: January 24, 2017・Vendor: Capcom


After reading the ten games that support PS VR introduced by the editor, is there anything that impresses you? Virtual reality has gradually become a trend, and more and higher-quality games will be launched in the future. Are you still hesitating? Come and join the world of PS VR!

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