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[Epoch Times November 27, 2021]Hello everyone, and welcome everyone to pay attention to “News Highlights”. I am Li Muyang. Today is November 26 (Friday) Eastern Time, and November 27 (Saturday) Asia Time.

Today’s focus: Peng Shuai “freedom of movement”? Mysterious friend refutes rumors; revenge and lose office for the Lord? Zhao Kezhi reappeared abnormally; 13 titles of Macau celebrities were arrested, Zhou Zhuohua had been actively engaged in public welfare; the “most vicious” virus struck, with up to 32 mutations; new variants may have spread, and many countries have urgently restricted travel.

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The new variant of the virus discovered in South Africa caused market concerns. The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 1,000 points on the 26th, or 2.8%, which was the worst day of the year. The Standard 500 Index and Nasdaq fell 2.3% and 2.2%, respectively.

Bloomberg reported on the 26th that the CCP authorities are worried about the leakage of sensitive data, and the Cyberspace Administration of China has asked Didi Chuxing to draw up a plan to withdraw from the US stock market. Delisting plans include privatization, or exit from the US stock market after listing in Hong Kong.

France and Italy reached a historic agreement on the 26th to strengthen bilateral cooperation and coordinate the two countries’ affairs in Europe and foreign countries in politics, security and defense, immigration policy, economy, education, research, culture and cross-border cooperation.

Vietnam Express reported that on the 25th, a 36-year-old female employee of a shoe factory in Thanh Hoa Province died, and on the 24th, three female employees between the ages of 25 and 30 died. Before these people died, the Chinese National Medicine vaccine was administered on the 23rd. This shoe factory has about 400 employees. After being vaccinated, dozens of employees developed side effects, and about 17 of them were sent to the hospital. The Department of Health of Thanh Hoa Province has suspended the use of this batch of vaccines.

The website of the Jiangsu Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection announced on the 26th that Zhu Yi, a former member of the Main Board Issuance Examination Committee of the China Securities Regulatory Commission, was suspected of serious violations of the law and is currently undergoing supervision and investigation. The 46-year-old Zhu Yi also served as an investigator of the Shanghai Regulatory Bureau and general manager of the investment banking department of Guotai Junan Securities.

As of 1 p.m. Eastern time on November 26, the number of newly diagnosed CCP viruses (Wuhan virus, COVID-19) worldwide reached 612,054, and the total number of confirmed cases reached 260,311,551; 7,718 deaths in a single day, cumulative The total number of deaths is 5,199,480.

Now enter today’s topic.

Peng Shuai “Friend”: “There is no punishment for freedom of movement”

Where is Peng Shuai and whether he is safe has become a worldwide issue of concern. Today (26th), a man who claimed to be “Peng Shuai’s friend” told the BBC that Peng Shuai is now at his home in Beijing.

This man named “Ding Li” was the one who posted a photo of eating with Peng Shuai and others at a restaurant in Beijing on social media last week. He claimed to be Peng Shuai’s “friend for many years.”

Ding Li’s public identity is the president of a sports equipment company in Beijing, and he is unknown. But after the Peng Shuai incident continued to ferment, he entered people’s field of vision. Signed up for Twitter in May 2012, but he has only used it 3 times. After the Peng Shuai incident, he started using Twitter again.

The BBC asked Ding Li why Peng Shuai himself did not speak directly through social media. Ding Li only reiterated the CCP official media reporter’s explanation for Peng Shuai’s disappearance from public view, saying that Peng Shuai “just wished he had a good rest at home.”

Ding Li said in the e-mail that Peng Shuai “moved freely” at home, “without any supervision and pressure.” He also emphasized, “Of course there is no punishment.”

Ding Li’s statement cannot be restrained from scrutiny. What is the concept of this “freedom of movement”? In a certain sense, as long as it is not physically restrained or monitored, it can be called “freedom of movement.” What is Peng Shuai? He said that Peng Shuai had “freedom of movement” at home. What is the scope of this “home”? Does it only mean indoors or include communities, streets, or larger areas?

Ding Li said that the CCP authorities have not launched an investigation into Peng Shuai’s allegations, nor have they taken any action. Because Peng Shuai previously sent an email to the International Women’s Tennis Association WTA, stating that “there is no problem of sexual assault.”

This is probably why Ding Li emphasized “no punishment,” but anyone who knows a little bit about the CCP would not believe his explanation. After the real-name accusation, deny it in a private email, it’s all right? When did the CCP become better?

Ding Li also claimed that Peng Shuai had sent several e-mails to Simon, the president of the International Women’s Tennis Association, but Simon “avoided talking.” Ding Li then posted a private e-mail on Twitter showing that it was the 22nd, and the title was written to Simon. But the text used is Chinese. Is Simon’s Chinese very good?

Some netizens immediately expressed doubts. How is the first all Chinese mail? Are you Molotov? Molotov was the former Soviet Foreign Minister and Stalin’s main spokesperson.

This netizen then questioned, secondly, how did Peng Shuai’s private mailbox, if it were a private mailbox, fall into your hands? Third, if it is really a private email, how do you know that the reply was not answered?

Another netizen said in a message, “Ding Li, who are you from Ms. Peng Shuai, are you authorized to represent her? In what capacity are you asking the WTA chairman? Or are you taking care of Ms. Peng on behalf of Zhang Gaoli, the former deputy prime minister? If you are hers On behalf of sportswear agents, netizens will ask the brand about your representativeness and why the world brand does not care about its spokesperson?”

When asked why Peng Shuai had video contact with IOC President Bach, instead of the International Women’s Tennis Association, which was the first to pay attention to Peng Shuai’s incident. Ding Li claimed that it was because Simon told Peng Shuai’s contact information to more than a dozen tennis players and media organizations that Peng Shuai was “disturbed” by many calls.

Dingli did not specify which athletes and media Simon gave to him, nor did he specify who Peng Shuai was “disturbed” by phone calls. In fact, if Peng Shuai is really fine, if a tennis player and the media call her, she can take the opportunity to clarify the facts. With the influence of tennis and the media, the attention of the outside world can be calmed down.

Among the tennis players who pay attention to Peng Shuai, known include women’s singles 18-time grand slam winner Serena Williams and men’s singles world number one Djokovic and so on. These people have a huge number of fans. The main reason why the Peng Shuai incident has a high fever in the international community is that these tennis superstars have paid attention and reported by the international media.

If Peng Shuai received their call, he would just explain the situation directly to them. But we have not seen the content of the tennis superstars and the international media clarifying the facts. What is the reason? Is Ding Li lying?

Revenge for the Lord?Zhao Kezhi 2nd degree is abnormal

In fact, behind Peng Shuai’s incident, it is indeed possible that the Chinese Communist Party is involved in internal fighting, and some people may even have lost office because of this.

The day before yesterday (24th), Wang Xiaohong, the new party secretary of the Ministry of Public Security of the Communist Party of China, presided over the “Public Security Team Education and Rectification Leading Group Meeting.” The official newspaper of the Political and Legal Committee of the Communist Party of China “Legal System Daily” reported that Wang Xiaohong presided over the meeting and uttered ruthless words, “Keeping an eye on the people and things that have problems.” “News Highlights”

The report mentioned important people who attended the meeting, but did not mention the Minister of Public Security Zhao Kezhi. In other words, Zhao Kezhi did not attend this important meeting.

In addition, on the 21st, Wang Xiaohong, who had just taken office for two days, presided over an enlarged meeting of the Party Committee of the Ministry of Public Security to learn from the spirit of the Sixth Plenary Session. In the official announcement, Zhao Kezhi’s name was not seen either.

As the Minister of Public Security, it is very abnormal to continuously absent from important meetings of the public security system. Australian commentator Yuan Hongbing believes that although it has not yet been announced, Zhao Kezhi has essentially been removed from the post of Minister of Public Security, and the entire Ministry of Public Security is controlled by Xi Jinping’s cronie Wang Xiaohong.

According to the Chinese Communist Party’s regulations, the removal or appointment of the Minister of Public Security shall be voted by the Chinese Communist Party’s “rubber stamp” Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress. We can pay attention to the December meeting of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress, whether there will be a decision on Zhao Kezhi’s removal.

Yuan Hongbing believes that there are two main reasons for Zhao Kezhi’s power cut or even loss of office. One is the resolution of the Sixth Plenary Session of the Central Committee. Xi Jinping wanted to publicly deny Jiang Zemin from the perspective of his political line, but he did not achieve his goal.

In other words, Xi Jinping was “frustrated” by Jiang Zemin, so “in order to ensure the security of the regime, Xi Jinping can’t wait to push Wang Xiaohong, a hard-core confidant, to the throne of power as the party secretary of the Ministry of Public Security.”

The second reason is probably related to the Peng Shuai incident. We have analyzed that Peng Shuai’s accusation against Zhang Gaoli can not only be posted on Weibo, but also survived on the Internet for 20 minutes. If there is no “internal response,” this is unlikely to be done in mainland China, where network control is like

Yuan Hongbing believes that “Zhao Kezhi specifically arranged this matter.” Zhao Kezhi is an official promoted by Hu Jintao. “He also wants to use Xi Jinping’s hands to avenge Hu Jintao’s revenge for suppressing power by Jiang Zemin.”

With Zhao Kezhi’s “internal response”, Peng Shuai’s accusation against Zhang Gaoli can be sent from Weibo. However, after it was issued, it triggered a huge international backlash and posed a major threat to the CCP. Therefore, Zhao Kezhi was urgently removed from the shelves.

Macau tycoon arrested for cross-border gambling

Today (26th), the Wenzhou police reported that the Macau entertainment tycoon Zhou Zhuohua, who has a net worth of 40 billion yuan, was arrested on suspicion of opening a casino in China.

According to the “Ping An Wenzhou” case report, in July last year, the Wenzhou police began investigating the case of Zhang Ningning and others opening a casino. It was discovered that Zhou Zhuohua had contracted gambling halls in casinos in Macau and other places since 2007.

The report stated that in 2016, online gambling platforms were opened in the Philippines and other places, and domestic personnel were developed. “Gradually, a cross-border gambling criminal group with fixed personnel, well-defined levels, and a large number of people is formed with Zhou Zhuohua, Zhang Ningning and others as the backbone.” More than 92,000 people are involved in China, and the amount involved is particularly huge.

The notification stated that Zhou Zhuohua was approved for arrest based on “criminal facts,” and “urging him to surrender as soon as possible.”

After talking for a long time, Zhou Zhuohua was “arrested” only in name. In fact, the CCP did not arrest Zhou Zhuohua. In other words, the CCP yelled fiercely, and actually didn’t know where Zhou Zhuohua was. It is very likely that he was not in mainland China.

So far I have not seen Zhou Zhuohua’s public response. However, after Wenzhou police investigated Zhang Ningning and others for gambling issues in July last year, Zhou Zhuohua emphasized through a press conference in August that his company and business were “operating in accordance with the law” and did not disrupt the country’s financial order.

We don’t know what the CCP will do next. However, according to the evil of the CCP, Zhou Zhuohua is not safe as long as its power penetrates.

Many pro-community titles on the head have been actively engaged in public welfare

In fact, the CCP’s arrest of Zhou Zhuohua surprised the outside world deeply. Because to the CCP, Zhou Zhuohua should be counted as “owner.”

Public information shows that Zhou Zhuohua, 47 years old this year, is a well-known Hong Kong and Macau tycoon who often invests in movies and concerts and is also the founder of Suncity Group. Therefore, the media often refers to Zhou Zhuohua as the character name “Xi Mi Hua” in the comedy movie “City Story”.

At present, Zhou Zhuohua has at least 13 titles on his body, such as “Executive Vice Chairman of the Preparatory Committee of the Macau International Film Festival and Awards Ceremony”, “President of the Inspiring Youth Association”, “Executive Vice President of the Macau Fujian and Taiwan General Chamber of Commerce”, and “Macao Association for the Promotion of China’s Peaceful Reunification” Honorary Advisor”, “Chairman of the China Disabled Persons Welfare Foundation”, “Chairman of the Zhaoqing Association of Macau”, etc.

Judging from these titles, most of them share some kind of relationship with the Chinese Communist Party. For example, in Macau, the “China Peaceful Reunification Promotion Association” is a united front department directly responsible for the United Front Work Department of the Communist Party of China. Another example is the “Encouragement Youth Club”. In 2019, it advocated “Going into the Bay Area and Creating the Future Together” to guide young people to join the Greater Bay Area.

In addition, Zhou Zhuohua had two notable identities in the past. He was a member of the Standing Committee of the “Guangdong Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese” and a member of the 11th Guangdong Provincial Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference. Judging from Zhou Zhuohua’s past and present status, he does have a closer relationship with the CCP.

In addition to these titles, Zhou Zhuohua is also actively engaged in public welfare in Mainland China. Of course, his participation in mainland public welfare may be suspected of pleasing the CCP, and he has won many “honors” from the CCP for this.

In 2013, Zhou Zhuohua donated 8 million to his hometown Zhaoqing to support the construction of the hospital building. In 2015, another donation of 8 million was made to support Zhaoqing No. 1 Middle School’s maintenance and renovation. After the renovation, the school’s gymnasium was renamed “Zhou Zhuohua Gymnasium”.

In 2016, Suncity Group was invited to participate in the “Hurun Report’s 18th Anniversary Celebration”, and Zhou Zhuohua was awarded the “Macao Entrepreneur of Entrepreneurship” award. At the time, wealthy mainland businessmen such as Wang Jianlin, the founder of Wanda, Jack Ma, chairman of Ali’s board of directors, Ma Huateng of Tencent, and Robin Li of Baidu, participated in this event.

In 2018, “Outstanding People” magazine selected more than 40 “outstanding individuals”. Zhou Zhuohua is one of them. He is considered to have “contributed to the maintenance of the sustained prosperity and stability of Macao and the realization of the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.” .

In 2019, Zhou Zhuohua personally donated 2.18 million to build the “Zhou Zhuohua Teaching Building” for the Shengping Village Primary School in Zhaoqing City. In the same year, he participated in the “Dream Chasers”-a large-scale traveling exhibition on the 70th anniversary of the contribution of Hong Kong and Macao compatriots to the motherland, and actively participated in the construction of the CCP’s “One Belt, One Road”.

Last year, he donated 20 million renminbi to the China Disabled Persons’ Federation and 30 million patacas in the names of individuals and Sun City respectively to fight the epidemic in Wuhan. The Chinese Federation issued a certificate to him in particular. He also donated RMB 10 million to Zhaoqing City to support the fight against the epidemic.

During the floods in Henan this year, Zhou Zhuohua made a personal donation of 3 million patacas through the Liaison Office in Macau to support local disaster relief and reconstruction.

“Red Man” will become a prisoner? The party cuts Macau leeks?

From his past performance, it can be seen that Zhou Zhuohua is actively moving closer to the CCP. Judging from the title given to him by the CCP and the affirmation of him, “Ximi Hua” is not only closely related to the CCP, but it can even be said to be a “Red Man” of the CCP.

It is not difficult to understand Zhou Zhuohua’s statement in August last year. He said that his company and business are “operating in accordance with the law.” This sentence is actually meaningful.

I have talked about it many times, and mainland China is a place where “relationships and connections are emphasized.” No matter what you do, you have to have a backing. For small businesses, small businesses, and small businesses, some local rogues will come to collect “protection fees.” After paying the “protection fee,” you can be in peace for a period of time, otherwise you will continue to have all kinds of troubles.

If the business is bigger, then you have to find a bigger “backer.” The bigger the business, the bigger and harder the “backer” has to be. In other words, doing big business and big business are basically connected with the officialdom of the Chinese Communist Party. With the protection of the CCP’s officialdom, it is “legal”, and without the CCP’s officialdom being “covered”, there will be all kinds of “illegal” situations.

Therefore, Zhou Zhuohua said “operating in accordance with the law.” In the case of mainland China, it means that the officialdom of the Chinese Communist Party allows it, or at least tacitly agrees. In mainland China, the law is just a stick for those in power to beat people. If you say you are breaking the law, then you are breaking the law. If you say you are not breaking the law, then you are not breaking the law.

Think about it, everybody, Zhou Zhuohua has developed a network of more than 90,000 people involved in gambling on the mainland. This is a large crowd involved in gambling. Would the CCP police not know about it? The CCP’s judicial department is scattered throughout China’s urban and rural areas, and there are also many people like the CCP’s self-proclaimed “sunrise masses.” How could it be unaware?

In my opinion, the Wenzhou police probably knew it. It’s just that the police may have taken the “benefits” of Zhou Zhuohua or Zhang Ningning and others, and then turned a blind eye to their gambling behavior, and may even directly act as a protective umbrella.

As for the authorities’ sudden investigation and approval of Zhou Zhuohua’s arrest, the outside world is currently unclear about the specific reasons. I don’t know if it was involved in the factional struggle of the CCP or because of other reasons. But this is not important. The important thing is that he is likely to be a prisoner of the CCP, and his personal belongings and huge industry may be reaped severely by the CCP.

This is actually quite ironic. Xi Mihua used to be so pro-Communist and actively participated in China’s public welfare, but in the end he was arrested by the CCP and may become a prisoner of the CCP.

This incident should be a wake-up call to those pro-communist businessmen and giants. No matter how much money you spend on the CCP, the CCP only gives you “honor” on the surface, but in fact it does not treat you equally.

When the CCP thinks you are useful, you may be a “red man,” allowing you to profit from it; if it thinks you are useless, then your profiteering behavior may become a sickle in the CCP’s hands. It cuts when it wants to, it’s all based on its needs, and you are at most a leek in its hands.

The “most vicious” virus has an incredible number of mutations

Next, let’s talk about the situation of the CCP virus. Today (26th), WHO convened an expert meeting in Geneva to discuss the impact of new variant strains discovered in South Africa on existing vaccines and treatment methods.

WHO spokesperson Lindemeier said that the newly discovered mutant strain is currently known as B.1.1529. In addition to being found in South Africa, this mutant strain has also been found in Botswana, Belgium and Hong Kong.

Dr. Maria Vankhoff, the head of the Chinese Communist Party virus technology at the WHO COVID-19, said that now, “there is very little knowledge about this new mutant strain, all that is known is that this variant has a large number of mutations”, and Wuhan The original virus that appeared was completely different.

Australia’s “Sky News” reported that the newly discovered variant strain has a total of 50 mutations, including 32 mutations in the spike protein found. Scientists are trying to understand how infectious this new variant is.

These technical terms sound difficult to understand. It is easier to understand for everyone to compare. The virus raging around the world is mainly the “Delta” variant of the CCP virus.

This variant of Delta virus has 13 spike protein mutations. This virus is much more infectious than the original CCP virus. In March this year, a US research team found that the incidence of “breakthrough infection” of the Delta strain was almost three times that of all other mutant strains combined, and the viral load in the human body was 1,200 times higher than that of those infected with the original strain. above.

In terms of numbers, the new variant has 32 mutations, more than twice as many as Delta. Scientists used one sentence to describe their surprise: “Extremely large and unbelievable.” Some science even uses the term “horror” to describe it as the “most vicious” variant seen so far.

New variants may have spread, emergency restrictions in multiple countries

Today (26th) Belgium reported the first case of a mutant strain, which is also the first in Europe. However, it is said that the confirmed case has not been to South Africa or neighboring countries, and the family members of the case have no symptoms.

The British “Guardian” reported that this confirmed case had traveled from Turkey to Egypt on the 11th, and began to develop mild flu symptoms, and was finally confirmed to be infected with the new variant strain.

This situation is actually quite worrying, because it may mean that the new variant virus has spread, but humans still know too little about it.

Starting at noon today, the UK has banned flights from six African countries, including South Africa, Namibia, Lesotho, Swaziland, Zimbabwe and Botswana. From 4 am on the 28th, passengers returning to the UK from these countries must be quarantined.

The President of the European Commission von der Lein also immediately stated today that the “emergency brake” mechanism will be activated to stop air travel between the 27 member states and the South African region.

Italy also announced a similar entry ban today. Passengers who have visited South Africa within 14 days are prohibited from entering Italy.

Israel has also announced a ban on travelers from South Africa, Lesotho, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Namibia and Eswatini, and also bans its citizens from traveling to relevant areas in Africa.

Japan will also tighten border controls on tourists from South Africa and five other African countries.

The Indian authorities have kept the country vigilant, conducting “strict screening and testing” on travelers from South Africa, Botswana and Hong Kong, and tracing and testing their contacts.

New Zealand stated that it is closely monitoring global recommendations for new variants. Deputy Prime Minister Burson said that the new variant is “a real wake-up call” for everyone.

Australian Health Minister Hunter stated that if the WHO classifies it as a major new variant, Australia will quickly and without hesitation close its borders to travelers from African countries.

Judging from the emergency response measures of various countries, people have attached great importance to this new variant of the virus, and it is believed that other countries will continue to follow up on restrictive measures.

But I remind everyone that traffic restrictions and various other protective measures may be effective for the time being and can slow the spread of the virus. But whether it can completely play a protective role, no one can say.

I hope that in this chaotic world, perhaps you should listen to what Falun Gong practitioners say. One of them once told me that he sincerely respects “Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance is good,” and that when disaster strikes, danger can be turned into a breeze. They told me that this is called “Nine-Character Mantra”, and I also gave it to everyone.

I think it’s worth a try, believe it or not, because it doesn’t cost a penny. If you can really die and turn the danger into a disaster, I am afraid that it will not be possible to buy it for much money.

For 200 years, a Chinese named Huang Jialuo has been greatly admired by the West. He was the first Chinese who lived in France to spread Chinese culture and the first to compile Chinese grammar in French. He directly influenced Montesquieu’s view of China.

In today’s historical highlights, let’s talk about Huang Jialuo, the Chinese translator of Louis XIV. Everyone is welcome to learn more in the member area of ​​YouLok. Our membership website URL is, and the other is The above is the content of today’s program. Thank you for watching. Goodbye.

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