Not funny, sexist ‘Timethai – Chao Khun’

Get sold immediately. behind the youth “Silp Plank Thai Time” post a clip pretending to be a lady 2 with “Chao Khun Jakraphat” a “Sea Lord Chak” on personal instagram write a message “Congratulations, you have…” so hot that netizens came to raid and besiege. In a not funny way This is sexist 3. How far has the world developed? Why are you still playing this fake size? “Plo Horwang” Came in to comment that “Oops” still met with netizens cursing, not funny, while some netizens argued that they did not see how serious they were. The three people were playing as if they were. He probably didn’t mean to be sexist.

in addition “Ton Thanasit Jaturapuch” famous singer He came out to post such a clip along with a tweet “Is it a girl out, is it a joke among the straight?” as “Kate Kraanphiboon” Lecturer, Faculty of Social Work Sciences Thammasat University asked in this case. With a Facebook message stating, “Are these stars looking for light? Who creates what quality in the entertainment industry??? This is a new generation of actors who make fun of their gender identity. Any one who knows it, tell him it is very poisonous.”

meet and scold "Thai time" post a clip pretending to be a lady 2 with "nobleman" - "ocean"

for “Chao Khun Jakraphat” Before that, he talked about his life on WOODY FM.

These days, what do you think people are judging you for?
Chao Khun: There are many things that I saw on the internet that I read a lot. at the end of the parents’ time That is, if I’m right, I understand. When I was a teenager, I didn’t behave very well in the industry. Because I was born with a camera. I don’t know how to separate real life and life in the industry. But now I can see more.

Being born into a family of famous parents It’s not easy, it’s hard growing up like being compared being watched all the time being able to grow to this day What makes us strong?
Chao Khun: God, to me he is God. I’m quite religious now. When reading, it calms our hearts. I respect Catholicism. I feel calmer

meet and scold "Thai time" post a clip pretending to be a lady 2 with "nobleman" - "ocean"