Official Chinese Version Chinese PV Release “The Quartet EXTRA2” released in 2022_Game_Series_Character

Original title: “The Quartet EXTRA2” Official Chinese Version Chinese PV Release Released in 2022

Official Chinese Version Chinese PV Release “The Quartet EXTRA2” released in 2022

“Look at the sky, watch the sky, enjoy the sky, the answer is there.”

The super popular girl love game series “The Other Side of the Blue Quartet” will soon launch the official Chinese version of the new work “The Other Side of the Blue Sky Quartet EXTRA2”, published by HIKARI FIELD and launched on STEAM platform in 2022.

“The Quartet of Cangzhi’s Analogy” tells the story of boys and girls who met because of “flying”, sweating on the arena called “air competition”, and together compose their own youthful love song.

This work is the latest sequel to the extremely popular “Quartet beyond the Blue” series, launched this summer by sprite, a well-known Japanese women’s game brand. It is a sequel to the popular heroine Misaki Tomisawa.

This work is created by the original team of the series. Suzumori was responsible for the original painting and character design, the script was written by Ryoichi Watanabe, and the music was produced by Elements Garden. The lavish seiyuu lineup also returned to provide voices for each character. The theme song of the game “one of a kind” is sung by the well-known singer Riya.


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