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The official version of the web browser “Firefox 105” has been released. In addition to being able to print “current page only” in print preview, the performance and reliability of each OS has been improved.

◆ Print current page only
An option to print only the current page has been added to the print preview dialog. When you open the “Specification page” dropdown list in the print preview, a new item “Current page only” has been added. By selecting this, you can print only the pages that are primarily displayed in the preview.

◆ Better memory usage on Linux
Firefox is now less likely to run out of memory when running on Linux, and handles low memory situations better, reducing the impact on the rest of the system.

◆ Improve robustness on Windows
When running Firefox on Windows, Firefox itself is now less likely to crash if a single tab crashes and temporarily runs out of memory.

◆ Better operation on macOS
Touchpad scrolling on macOS just got easier by reducing unintuitive diagonal scrolling.

◆ Improved search efficiency for huge lists
Double search speed for large lists. Along with this,array.includes() methodaarray.indexOf() methodButSIMDreplaced by version.

◆ User Timing L3 compliant
With this version upgrade, FirefoxL3 User TimingConforms to specifications. This doesperformance.mark() method.orperformance.measure() methodThe following options have been added to arguments .

start: start time
end: end time
length: Oct
detail: additional metadata

◆ Fixed a bug where the scroll bar cannot be activated.
Page scrollbars cannot be dragged when using a touch screen or stylusthere was a bugbut this is fixed.

◆ Separate service workers
Added support for distributed service workers in third-party contexts. Registering a service worker in a 3rd party iframe shares it under the top level domain.

Also, Firefox has 1057 security bug fixesincluded.

The next major version, ‘Firefox 106’, will be released on October 18, 2022, local time.

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