Oh, he almost died ‘Ad Carabao’ got sick with food poisoning, he was carried to the stage and the whole event was shocked by the fans.

makes fans worried After the singer about the big life “Add Carabao” tired of carrying him off the stage While singing Bua Loi At the Naga ordination ceremony In the midst of people’s panic at work What happened recently, Ad Carabao posted a clip of himself. Report the symptoms of illness on the Official CaraBao page, saying “Last night my food was poisoned. eat a hamburger And then there are pickles, oh my, but it’s gone tonight. See you soon, brother.”

while “Lek Carabao” A close friend posted a message recounting the incident saying, “Tonight, I performed in Sawang Daen Din District, Sakon Nakhon Province. Last night, I performed in Dan Makham Tia District, Kanchanaburi Province. While performing the song Khon Nung Taw, Pee Ad walked off the front of the stage. I didn’t turn to look at him because it was normal. ‘I think you should go on personal business.’

After he returned to the front of the stage again I still don’t know what’s wrong or what’s happening. The staff didn’t say anything. The performance continued until the Phra Chao Tak song, which was before the song started. said Dad “I don’t know if it will work or not. I’m not feeling well today.” Hmmm! You’re sick, but you’ve been playing for more than half the time without me knowing anything.

When the Phra Taksin song ends The next song is the racha installment song. Brother Ed walked over and told me to “Play the old song of the sea” I saw your face very pale. I myself do not know what to do. So I had to continue performing as P’Ad said. When the song Tao Talay ended, I told the audience that “Today, P’Ad is sick. and can no longer show Would you like to continue listening? If you want to keep listening, we’ll play for you, but without P’Ad. Let someone else sing to each other first.” Apparently the audience saw that P’Ad was still sitting on the stage. so I would like to continue watching the show So we played the song Fua Talay by Khun Uan, the drummer, to sing instead.

Chaotic Because unless you’re fat, you’ve never sung this song before. You still can’t remember the words. While playing the drums, the eyes looked at the words of the small mobile phone. That team members help each other maintain Sigh! Well, but I managed to get to the end.

Then continue with the song Longwat, Khun Uan still singing instead. There were a few moments when he forced Pee Ad to walk out and sing again. But your condition was already worrying. At that time, I wanted you to see a doctor. In the end, you were singing powerfully until the song Longwat ended. Like the band members, everyone worries about Pee Adploy’s illness, playing it wrong and playing it right.

Finally, he shouted, “Bualoy, yay, yay, yay, yay, yay!” But it probably won’t work anymore. so had to go back and sit again In the end, Bua Loy was quite out of place. That was the situation last night. pa P’Ad, despite being sick like this But you stayed on the stage until Bua Loy ended, brothers and sisters.

"Add Carabao"

"Add Carabao"

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