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Olympic Games 2020 Program Date 8 Aug 64 (Last day of the competition)

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The program of the 2020 Olympic Games on August 8, 2021

Program for the Olympic Games 2020 on August 8, 2021

Athletics (1 gold medal) live AISPLAY

5.00 a.m. Men’s Marathon Final

Volleyball (1 gold medal) Live broadcast AISPLAY, PPTV HD

– Women’s team, bronze medal

07.00 South Korea meets Serbia

– Women’s team gold medal

11.30 a.m. Brazil meets the United States

Bicycle (3 gold medals) starts at 8:00 a.m.

09.45 a.m. Sprint Girls Finals

10:00 a.m. Kirin Men’s Final

10.25 hrs. Omniam Ladies Finals

Handball (1 gold medal)

– Women’s team, bronze medal

09.00 hrs. Norway meets Sweden

– Women’s team gold medal

13.00 Independent Olympians meet France

Rhythmic gymnastics (1 gold medal) live AISPLAY, PPTV HD

9:00 a.m. team including equipment

Basketball (1 gold medal) Live broadcast AISPLAY, NBT

– Women’s team finals

09.30 USA meets Japan

Water polo, 1 gold medal

– Men’s team, bronze medal

11.40 a.m. Hungary meets Spain

– Men’s team gold medal

2:30 p.m. Greece meets Serbia

International boxing (4 gold medals) live AISPLAY, NBT

– Light weight, 60 kg, female

12.00 Kelly Harrington (Ireland) meets Beatrice Ferreira (Brazil)

– Light weight 63 kg. Male

12:15 p.m. Keyshawn Davis (USA) meets Andy Cruise (Cuba)

– Middleweight 75 kg, female

12.45pm Lauren Prince (UK) meets Li Qian (China)

– Super heavyweight, over 91 kg, male

1:15 p.m. Bakodiar Jalolov (Uzbekistan) meets Richard Torres Jr. (USA)

Closing ceremony of the 2020 Olympics starts at 6:00 PM. Live broadcast AISPLAY, True4U, NBT, ThaiPBS.

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