ONEAM proceeds to allocate STARK debentures, model STARK245A, in ONE-FIXED and ONE-FAR funds to protect the interests of unit holders – stock dimensions

Stock dimension – Mr. Pote Harinsut, Chief Executive Officer One Asset Management Company Limited (One Asset Management) revealed in the case that Stark Corporation Public Company Limited or STARK did not submit form 56-1 that it was Currently, One Asset Management invested In one debenture STARK245A only Which has a resolution of the meeting of the bondholders of STARK on May 31, 2023, except for the event of default in the case of not submitting form 56-1, so that the status of such bonds is still normal .

However, in order to maintain the interests and equality of unitholders, One Asset Management is considering the separation of debt instruments that are likely to default (Allocation) One Asset Management will perform Allocation STARK245A debentures that have invested in One Short Fixed Term. Type A Income Fund (ONE-FIXED) and Fixed Income Position Fund (ONE FAR).

However, if STARK does not default on debt and can repay interest and/or principal as arranged One Asset Management will allocate the money back to the unit holders whose names appear in the register unit holders on the date of the Allotment announcement. One Asset Management will proceed to Allotment on 8 June 2023.

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