Open the latest page, Sam Yuranan, anyone who sees it will be amazed. Say the same thing..?

No matter how many years have passed, this national man “Sam-Yuranan Phamonmontri” never gets old And now that he is 60 years old, his face is even younger than before. Today we are going to take everyone to look at the photo of young Sam’s ID card. that the person posted on his personal Instagram @sam_yuranunt

which indicates the message that says # Make an ID card. I just reached my age!! Just received the allowance for the elderly, haha ​​#Take a picture with the card” In addition, he also wore a suit 8 years ago to take pictures with her. In addition, the staff confirmed that the face was in fact very young. While many people who actually met came to confirm that The child’s face does not change.


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