Open the mind of the son of “Dabchit”, highway tribute solver: PPTVHD36

The truck tribute didn’t just come in this era. It’s an old story that has been talked about for many decades, PPTV goes back to talk to the son of the police sword, Chit Thongchit, “Mr. Sword, the highway patrol Chom Sae Sue. who fought and exposed this matter until finally dying

Pictures during the work of Dabchit or Maj. Chit Thongchit, former highway batteryman. At that time, it was under Supervisory Section 2, Highway Police Department, around the year 1976 or 47 years ago. which has a symbol of paying tribute through But it has no effect on Dab Shit. He continues to pursue legal arrests.

Krisada Thongchid, Dabchit’s son And he is now a lawyer, said that his father had to fight with collecting tribute throughout his time serving in the police between 1974-2002.

Police chief admits he has ‘tribute stickers’ Order a special set to examine

NACC aims to prosecute participants in the “Pay tribute to the truck” parade

But my father didn’t take it. because he saw that the problems that followed from collecting tribute Is a loophole for the drug smuggling movement to transport contraband and also cause the road to collapse People have suffered the risk of accidents.

Mr. Krisada said that his father arrests an illegal truck every time There will be a reference to Mr.’s clear. But the father didn’t care and continued to arrest him straight away. Even knowing that those arrested will eventually be released and not prosecuted. The Tongqin of Da Chit caused a conflict with colleagues who benefit from collecting tribute to be ambushed They were both shot and hit by a car.

It also displeased the bosses. In just 5 years, they were relocated 10 times, during 1998-2002, they were set up to investigate, defamed, and transferred to the Highway Patrol. to the State Police Station

Until the year 2002, Dabchit decided to resign from the police service. working for an independent organization The Network of People Against Corruption (KorPorTor.) continues to collect evidence. Full tribute to the highway

Photo of a truck with a tribute sticker. There are two rabbit shaped stickers – fiber healing stickers. – Stickers of English letters and numbers These are all pictures taken in 2003 and it was found that there was about 53 million baht in circulation from paying tribute per month, which Dabchit used as evidence in a complaint to investigate and convict those in the process collecting tribute to influential groups and government officials seeing that the form of the tribute symbol is not different from the original That is, illegal cars will use stickers as symbols that pass through without fear of the law. It is a problem that has been hidden under the carpet of Thai society for more than 50 years and cannot be solved.

Until January 15, 2009, Dabchit, who came out to develop and prosecute those involved The child was secretly shot with a sniper in the middle of his own bamboo garden in Ratchaburi Province. The bullet was buried in the occipital area in a shot 1. He was seriously injured and lost his life on January 19, 2009, where the family confirmed that there was no conflict in Dab Chit, except the development of the tribute

After the incident, a reward of 50,000 baht was set for the arrest of the criminals throughout his service. Dabchit was honest until he received the nickname “Serpico Mueang Petch” (or Frank Serpico, a police detective from the State Police Department). York, United States, is known for being a policeman with a dongqin until the story was turned into a movie)

From that day to this day, after 14 years, I still haven’t been able to catch the shooter. and the masterful And there is no progress in the case. The family remains hopeful that the case will be reopened. in order to proceed to bring the perpetrator to book and give justice to Dabchit


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