Park Ji-hyeon and Yun Ho-jung, the conflict was closed in four days… “Strive to win the local election”

Photo courtesy: National Assembly Photo Correspondents

The Democratic Party of Korea said, “We sincerely apologize for causing concern to the people and the Democratic Party candidates,” the party said in a statement about the recent internal conflict over the renewal proposed by Park Ji-hyeon, chairman of the joint emergency response plan.

Senior Spokesperson Yoh Yong-jin said that the non-captainer held an emergency meeting for nearly two hours from 8 pm this evening to discuss countermeasures to the internal red flags of the party and to gather opinions.

“Recognizing that the current state of affairs is a pain in the face of the Democratic Party,” said spokesperson Koh.

He continued, “Chairman Park and Chairman Yun Ho-jung also expressed their apologies for the confusion, and the members of the guerrilla campaign said that they would do things together, such as a joint campaign,” he said.

Spokesperson Ko said that the non-captain also agreed with the direction of renewal, such as ‘a younger Democratic Party, a stricter Democratic Party, a Democratic Party that keeps its promises, a Democratic Party that has broken up with a violent fandom, and a Democratic Party preparing for the future’.

While promising to implement the renewal task proposed by Chairman Park, it appears that he has adopted a compromise that seeks to build consensus at the end of the election.

Earlier, on the 27th, Chairman Park apologized for the lack of efforts to reach a consensus after insisting on the Democratic Party’s reform proposals such as the ’86 resignation’ on the 27th.

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