“Pat Power Pat” beats on rust, DJ event opens first Show discs in 20 years

Pat Power Pat prepares to knock on the rust at the DJ’s opening of the EDM or Electronic dance music genre made 20 years ago.

is another talented singer for a young man “Pat Vorayot Boonthongnom” or “Pat Power Pat” In addition to composing music, playing music, and being good at art, he also has beautiful painting skills that many people have accepted in his work.

Most recently, he also traveled as a speaker to convey the life experiences that he has made mistakes. To educate and inspire don’t let anyone go astray like themselves The queue of speakers is long until next year. It can be said that since being released, he has had many good opportunities.

Which was referring to him still beating rust on the work of DJ, EDM or electronic dance music genre that he had done 20 years ago, because it is another talent he had since he was a teenager.

After more than 2 months of lurking and reviving DJ skills, Pat is now ready to enter this field of work. Preparing to start the show for the first time on Friday, December 9, ready to reveal that the past life has lost many opportunities from their own mistakes After starting a new life, I want to do what I i love many people. in full

“Right now, there are a lot of things to do. Apart from music, there are other jobs too, another serious job now is being a speaker. Go and convey life experiences that I have made mistakes to give perspective to others. So that you don’t choose the wrong path like me. In the past, there have been many connections.

Now there is a queue for next year. Like this month, there are many other states as well. Wherever we go, apart from talking, we also play music for us. Because I want the atmosphere to be interesting. There is information and entertainment. and inspired to return too.”

“I went back to refresh my DJ skills. As I used to play during my teenage years, when I was in my early 20s, I was already interested in this field of science. But at that time I was first a singer and then a DJ. Play seriously and buy your own gear. do it together with singing The last time I held this event was around 20 years. At that time, I went to open various product launch events. There are some clubs that have been working for almost 2 years.”

“At that time, I used to be in a DJ competition too. This is the first program in the country that brings Thai children to compete. A stage facing the sea a very good experience At that time, before making a career as a DJ, I also went to study in an institution that also taught DJs. It’s serious too.”

Pat Power Pat

“This time it’s called coming back to review this information in the last 20 years. Let’s update new music techniques, technologies and styles. Including the style and culture of people who listen to EDM or Electronic dance music.”

“I got advice from PA Vitamin A, who was a well-known artist in the 90s. P’A then became interested in DJing until he studied hard until he opened the Academy as a direct teaching school in this field for more than 10 years. P’A also operated as a small EDM music label and produced artists. I got a lot of advice from PA His brother is a good person. and can be recommended on the right target and point Made me come back very quickly Gave me new knowledge and skills. increase a lot.”

“I went to study with Pee A for almost 2 months. There were many different things. In terms of technology and equipment, and what equipment supports the player is to make the player as an artist. To be creative in sound design, let it come out much more than before. It’s like drawing a picture. The machine responds to the player like a paint brush. How do you want to paint? can respond to almost anything imaginable.”

“We can design anything. it can be in addition to the music we play whether it’s the various effects techniques we insert the continuity of song organization And counting the room, counting the beat, looking at the music keys is like playing the guitar. or playing general music at all I also applied my music playing skills. Because we have a background in playing music before. It doesn’t take long for us to come back and play again.”

Pat Power Pat

“There are many genres of EDM music, there are a lot of them. It depends on the choice of each DJ who can choose to play the genre he likes. I would like the style of the house (House), that is, it will be beautiful and melodic, and some of the music we play will have a human being in it, like having a singing voice. There is sometimes a guitar sound. It’s not even 100 percent electronic.”

Already, get ready to start back as a DJ on December 9th, show 2 rounds at FINAL TOUR CLUB, Ratchadapisek Road 14.
“Since returning to training I’ve done one show before, but it’s live on my own YouTube channel for fans to watch, but this 9th December will be the first time I show live in front of people. That day, apart from me, artists from the P’A camp will also join the jam.

“The event will be held from 7:00pm until midnight. For my show, there will be 2 sessions, from 8:00 pm – 9:00 pm and from 10:00 pm – 11:00 pm. The two genres of music are different. In the early evening, it will be a fun genre, but it is not too heavy to listen to, because it is beautiful but not dizzying. And there was a little surprise for those who visited that day. Now I’m not excited, but I want everyone to be in that atmosphere together more. I want you to have fun and be happy together.”

“Because I missed a lot of opportunities while inside. After coming out, we want to do what we like, what we are interested in. As well as music and art DJing is another thing I’ve done before. is another one of our abilities too When I got the chance, I wanted to do it again along with other works. that does it at the moment I see that this field of work is another profession for us to take care of our family. being able to do many things Well, it’s good for us too. It’s like being able to be with us forever. and will continue to learn never stop improving yourself.”

Pat Power Pat

“I feel like it’s different for every person. Every job has its own kind of fun. charming in every way But do it and be happy too. feel happy to do This is who we all are in different ways, in the parts we like, we love. When I get the chance to do it, I will be happy and proud. Not just music, but other areas of work. that we also have the opportunity.”

“The meeting in the middle of last year had a very good response. So there are plans to hold a meeting again. This time will be more special because it will combine my abilities. Be it music, art and DJs come to this event. But what form will it come out in? How’s the concept? Let me deal with it first. But I’m sure it was a surprise. I would like to let everyone follow too. Including new music that should be heard soon.

Pat Power Pat

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