Phumikit-Sarisa Win the 2023 Bangchak Masters Golf Championship

“The Genz Co., Ltd” in collaboration with “Bangchak Corporation Public Company Limited” organized the youth swing program “Bangchak Masters 2023” between April 1-2, 2023, competing in 36 holes, par 73 at Pattana Sports Stadium. Resort, Chonburi Province, which is a competition to collect points for the third item of the tour “Chang-Jence 2023” and which is also a program certified by the Junior Golf Scoring Board.

“Bangchak Masters 2023” is divided into 3 categories: Special GENZ (male and female) aged 19-23, Super GENZ (male and female) aged 15-18, and Junior GENZ (male and female) aged 11-14, competing in cumulative scoring competition to select golfers with cumulative scores in 1st and 2nd place in each age group (male-female), 12 people will be supervised by GENZ and receive financial support to develop their skills from “Bangchak” and the right to participate in golf tournaments, both at youth level. and many professional programs domestically and internationally

After finishing the final round, the results showed that “Phumkit Pichayasaovapark”, a golfer in the Bangchak youth golf program, Showed excellent form in the final round, hitting 4 under, winning the championship in the Super GENZ category (men) with total score from two days in the par 146 event.

On the side of Sarisa Pochanalai, she also shows her excellent work. And she is the only female golfer to shoot 5 under par 141 to become champion in the Super GENZ (female) category for the first time. Other race results are as follows:

GENZ Special Model (male) No. 1 Phrompoj Songklod, a hot machine in the final won the double championship as expected, with a total score of 8 over par 154 (78-76) in 2 Thiraphat Tingsamit, a total score of 9 over par 155 (77-78) on 3 Komkrit Mitsamarn, total score of 12 over par 158 (81-77)

Special GENZ Model (female) No. 1 Kanika Boonprasert, golfer from Chonburi Win a double championship in this list. Finished two rounds at Even Par 146 (70-76) No. 2 Buraphon Subsomboon with a total score of 1 over par 147 (72-75) No. 3 Busapaphon Sukterm with a total score of 6 over par 152 (74-78)

Super Model GENZ (male) No. 1 Phumikit Pitchayasaowapak Speeding the final press to 4 under, winning the championship with a total score of 146 (77-69) Panyaphat Khantiyu par 2 event, the final hit more than 3 total score 1 over par 147 (71-76) at 3 Ratchasak Surasatcha total score 5 over par 151 (73-78)
Super Model GENZ (female) No. 1 Sarisa Pojanalai Total score 5 under par 141 No. 2 Nopjira Lue Sattha Total score 3 under par 143 (70-73) No. 3 Kritiya Thanintorndamrongdet Total score 1 over par 147 (71-76)

GENZ Junior Model (male) No. 1 Sippawit Khuen Phet Total score 2 under par 144 (70-74) No. 2 Nathaphat Trongchitphakdi Total score 1 under par 145 (72-73) No. 3 Phasit Ra Total score 3 over par 149 (72- 77)

Junior GENZ (female) No. 1 Natkritta Phiphat Aksorn Total score 12 Over par 158 (82-76) No. 2 Porpeang Suwanprasit Total score 17 Over par 163 (80-83) No. 3 Total score Pranisa Sukhon pharmacy 18 over par 164 (85 -79)

The next program is the “Bangchak Championship 2023”, which is the World Amateur Golf Site from May 5-7, 2023, competing at Rancho Charnvee Resort and Country Club, Nakhon Ratchasima Province. Parents and golfers interested in taking part in the tournament can ask for more information on the Official Line: @genzgolf or call 065 696 2229.


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