‘Po Annop’ hurriedly explained that he was involved with a singer with a bouncy waist and a drug addict Should I sue?

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“Por Annop” quickly explained that he was involved with a singer with a bouncy waist and drug addiction. Also, I owe money for drugs Should I sue? because I never interfered with these matters At home, parents trust.

Causing actors, singers and hosts of “Po Annop” to be confused after being linked to the news A singer with a bouncy waist, a drug addict along with drug charges owed At this point, the person was not holding back . It was immediately explained that “Totally confusing (laughs), is that a friend sent me to see him too. and when I went to see him, I saw the message that ‘Handsome singer, bouncy waist, drug addict’ and using the word ‘bounce waist’, which is in the comments I read There is a message that says ‘bad single’ comes full circle, I feel why my waist is bouncing, is it just me in this country?

Confirm that ‘Of course not.’ These days, I just go to the gym. with the purchase of a chicken breast smoothie That’s it. And there is absolutely no drug addiction. I never thought I would be involved. never experienced Including the issue of drug addiction, there are no guarantees.

When you see people commenting on us, how do you feel?

I feel a little. because he made comments like this He made people think it was me. which is not very fair and true At first, I thought too, should I take a little? Is it good to consult a lawyer? Is it okay to sue a little? In a moment, it will prove that it is not me, but in fact when commenting on something I would like to think a little about other people’s thoughts. Because it may not be fair to the accused.

If you ask me if I’m angry, uh … it’s not that much of a problem. But if it’s more than this or someone has come to attack and upset me a lot This may have to be done.

"Yesterday" Quick Jang, is linked to being a singer with a bouncy waist, a drug addict

Do you worry when news is linked like this? Will it make the adults at home uncomfortable?

Uh… if it’s a parent I think you don’t believe it already. Because you know what kind of person your child is. another life for me that is, if it doesn’t work I went to the gym and exercised, that’s all, as far as the people I care about. I care more about people who don’t know me. Because he may have misunderstood.

Do you want to say something to someone who has already judged us?

I feel that when there is a trend or news with anyone I would like everyone to consider it first. And don’t believe anything 100 percent Listen to your ears. Leave some space for me to explain. Confirm it’s definitely not me. I can confirm

"Yesterday" Quickly explained, being linked to a bouncy-bellied, drug-addicted singer

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